Let us suggestion tier piece alternatives for Brewmaster

I think the main focus for brewmaster should be on stagger. So, I would love to see a tier set focused on interacting on stagger.

2pc - You have a x% chance for every stagger you purify to cast special delivery. Special delivery reduces the cooldown on your brews by y seconds.

4pc - The ale in your special delivery is infused with your chi. Targets hit by special delivery are soaked in chi ale. When you purify stagger it causes targets who are burning from breath of fire to flare up refreshing the duration and increasing its damage by z%.

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Wait, when you say “every stagger” are you counting stagger damage or purifies?

I would love a consistent “every 30k stagger purified” it makes it scalable with dmg in dmg out.

Other thing is… I just don’t want any more reliance on bof. Bof is a silly spell. It’s not the worst, I just don’t want to be heavily reliant on something with a 15s cooldown. I know this is a refresh thing, but it still puts focus on bof.

I do like the synergy, though and would take it any day over what we got.

2p: leave it as is.

4p: when you use purifying brew while in heavy stagger, you immediately cast breath of fire.

Good mix of offense and defense and puts it in line with some of the other tank bonuses.

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At that point, just give us Hot Trub. (But make it work)

Delicious, delicious hot trubby purifies Goosh goes the fire dmg!

Never been a fan of the hot tub PvP talent. In the open world my stagger level never goes high enough for it to out perform special delivery, and in PvP it just breaks my cc train. It sounds good on paper but put into context I find it to be pretty bad.

sure, but tier sets are for instanced pve, neither of which are pvp or open world content.
BFA gave us hot trub as a pve talent, we just never knew if it was good or not because it never worked properly.