Let us change demon names

Should be allowed to name your Warlock pets to whatever you want instead of having random names generated. Not much to like about Dagnam, Jhazmon, Aellie and Kreegrym, they’re pretty stupid names lol. One dumb name is one thing but come on.


Isn’t there an NPC that allows you to roll new names for your demons?

In any case, I actually like how we don’t get to name our demons; to me that imparts a sense that we’re summoning some other creature with its own agenda, and that it’s only helping us temporarily. Allowing us to name them makes us too close to hunters, and implies that we are in complete control of their very existence.

Just my two cents’ worth!


Yeah, I get that what you mean. Does work in the way of class lore, could at least make it random every time so we’re not stuck with these.

You can get a new random name. Does that help?

I’ve grown rather fond of my imp companion Piznip—I wouldn’t want him swapped out with some other random imp! Haha.


No, this break lore as all demons are previously existing races and are individuals with names. The only exception to this are the Infernals/Abyssals, which both exist naturally but are mindless and can be created by warlocks.


You’ll grow to love it though. Selvere, Bizyal, Thoknagma, and Czaadom. Those are my demons. Haven’t actively played my Warlock for any length of time since MoP.

Really feels like I permanently bind them to my will. Forever. No matter what.

Unlike hunter pets. They don’t have their own personality. They just serve their owner and get named whatever. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if when they die the hunter just goes out and (while you are off line) gets another one that looks the same, names it the same, and you never know.

But Thoknagma, that dude is so ticked at me. Because he’s at home lifting his weights, watching Walking Dead on Netflix, then suddenly a portal appears and BAM. He’s in Azeroth again being told to take hits from something that can two shot him.



Really? I had no idea, that does help, thanks! Xon had mentioned it but I guess I forgot to ask him about it. Is it just at the warlock trainer?

The demon trainer next to them

Haha I do like it lore wise. Found it and got it all changed! Thanks for the help!


I agree, though sometimes I wonder if the fantasy would be better if the name changed every time to fulfil that fantasy. For me practically I just assume I have made a contract with a particular imp, felhunter, etc… and that they are always the ones that come based on our contract.

And I must say, the succubus is getting the sweet end of the deal since she’s on retainer and never has to work. Poor felhound is the guy in the group project carrying the load :frowning:

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That is the case, canonically. It’s based on how IRL ceremonial magic, whenever you summon a demon, you need that demon’s “true name” and specific sigil to evoke it.

The exception being Felhunter, who is not a “rational” demon (literally just a dog), and Voidwalker/Voidlord, who we had to force into submission.

The rest follow the logic of “traditional” demonic contracts in IRL myths.

Demons are not pets to be named. You are summoning them from the nether, or the void. They have names already and being named by a mortal would not fit, they would not recognize it nor answer to it.

Additionally, once you summon a demon and gain control over it, it is basically a battle of wills to keep it from devouring your soul. It is nothing like a hunter taming an animal, which they have time to train, teach, and grow a relationship with.

Demons are purely malevolent and have an express purpose of wreaking havoc on the mortal plain of existence before returning to the nether.

What would fit is that if it randomized the name every time a demon was summoned, since it makes sense that you are not pulling the same demon forth every single time.

Edit: The above post about the contract is also a thing, in a sense. It is one way to imagine it. To control a demon you must know its name, so you can assume warlocks have a book of demon names with which to use to gain control over them.

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I’m happy not being able to personalize pets. I know how much time I waste on my hunter looking for that ‘perfect’ pet every time I change a single piece of mog or mount. Since every lock pet behaves differently, I like letting them have a bit of independence.

Well thank goodness we’d get our default demons in such a model so you wouldn’t have to do anything while the rest of us enjoy finding new demons :slight_smile:

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He’s right, in a way. To have a demon brought into servitude you have to establish its true name. Having said that, they can be known by more than one name. You don’t just go making them up like some half baked hunter does.

We should be able to customize though, with weapons, armour and some appearance variant options.

Hmm, if only there was a profession that crafted items that let you alter your demon’s appearance and even give the Felguard a weapon…

There’s over 300 total demon and aberration models (between different demon and aberration races and their recolors)

We have access to exactly 10 different models.


We really should get some cosmetic demon customization. The current glyph system is underwhelming to say the least.

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Hmm if only he had a weapon…