Let me show my face! (and figure)

I know I can just hide my head slot, or use a less concealing head covering, but I really like to show my character’s face and I rarely like full face helmet designs in the game. I’ve felt this way for awhile, but the raging tempest sets inspired me to make a post.

I love the design of these sets, and look forward obtaining the cloth and leather ones in particular. The hood and horns look awesome, but why do I have no choice but to make my face look like a cheese grater? All of these sets have this, but why? Maybe it’s supposed to shield us from the elements? I like the adornments of the head piece, but not the face covering.

Shadowlands was full of these odd head coverings and bulky chest adornments. They just looked bizarre to me altogether, so I just omitted them, but this particular set has elements I want, yet can’t separate from those I don’t. If anything, I prefer a partly shrouded face like with the priest SOTFO set as opposed to completely obscured.

Additionally, I am not a fan of the bulky chest layering that seems to be the trend from Shadowlands (several SOTFO sets I can recall, in particular). I don’t even use the celestial observer’s transmog because I can’t stand the massive chestplate on top of the robe and wish I could remove it. I would love if things like this also had an option to toggle on and off an element, or this were like a “tabard” that could be separated.

This is my petition to either have options without face coverings built into an alternate design of the same piece, or fewer of them in general. And for less bulky chestpieces. I’m sure there are many who enjoy this style, which is why I mention the toggle option to appeal to both. It’s likely a lot more work for the design team and I’m not looking for commentary on why it’s strategically problematic or impossible, but just to share my style preferences. Thank you for reading.

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I agree with what you’ve stated above. I have similar transmog style preferences as you do and it has always bothered me that Blizzard likes to design helms that totally cover your character’s beautiful face AND hair!

I would like to add on to your petition above and ask that they modify some helms to sit on top of your player’s hair or allow the ends of the hair to be shown beneath the helm.

I understand this may be an issue with different hair styles such as up-do’s and pony tails. But I think a lot of the helms would look significantly better if it sat over top the hair instead of making us all wear wig caps to put on a helm that looks like a farmer’s straw hat. Another example is the Santa hat. We all have to put our lusciously gorgeous hair into a wig cap to don that festive helm transmog.

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Yes!! This is one that bothers me, as well. I would love to see my hair under the hat transmogs and, many times, I opt to use a different piece to avoid this if it doesn’t look right. Sometimes the hat still wins over the hair, but it would be great not to have to choose. :slight_smile:

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