Let’s be friends again

I had to clean out my btag recently due to a total psycho with multiple accounts. If anyone wants to add me again to their btag let me know.


Well I’ve never had you added but this can be a start!

Add me at WilloWisp#1275

Also, sorry to hear about a psycho doing that.

There’s a copious amount of extremely disturbed individuals that play this game, unfortunately.


Oh for sure. That’s to be said anywhere on the internet though really.

Few days ago I had this one dude who kept whispering me on different alts because I was killing him and his buddies on Timeless Isles. He was Horde, the first whisper was on his main, but when I ignored him he continued going on ALL of his alts to whisper me death threats and even called me a certain racist word. :rofl:

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I’ve had so many irl threats of bodily harm/death that I have a folder just for those particular types of rage whispers.


Dustin #1859 :grinning:

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I only read your comments about the Timeless Isle yesterday and thought it was such a good idea, managed to get 140 coins on my relatively dead server and Isle shard from a starting point of maybe 20. I will get the mushan next timewalking!

I also got a rage whisper from a very angry person who was slain. I haven’t had one since I went on a rampage slaying Alliance souls using the N’Zoth toy.

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I mean I’m pretty disturbed myself lol. And I was really hesitant to throw up my btag in here or anywhere on the forums tbh. Because of u know the hate I do get lol. But I guess if others like alphon and u can throw it up and don’t care I can also. My choice who to accept and deny lol. Also if someone decides to get crazy like that person did to u I can just delete. Unfortunately I’m assuming u are female irl so these things are a little more threatening feeling. No real disrespect on that. I’m just saying that if some crazy person really wanted to follow through with rl threats about this game on me I’m here waiting :wink: hehe

Anyways here’s mine. I’m on vacation so only on here and there on bad wifi. OGpapabear#1179

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Heh, I feel this. I dare someone try to come to my house. :rofl:

Good luck getting on a military base. :upside_down_face:

You act like post is paying attention.

Also there is plenty of places people can just walk on with some bases like Pendleton

You’re not wrong, I’ll admit lol. I feel like it’s a lot harder though. Either way I’m not scared of someone online.

Friend requests have been an evolving thing for me.

At first I wouldnt accept or decline. Id keep them as trophies in my pending requests tab.

Then i eventually accepted them all and now at any given point I have about 60 “friends” online, I sometimes whisper random ones if im bored and get to know them.

Golden rule is if i get a friend request while im ganking and I don’t know who they are. I don’t accept till the next day.

Let those emotions die down lol.

Bozomojo#1905 we can see who ganks more. Friend me ASAP as possible

One of the spots that comes to mind is a beach near the area 51 gate in Pendleton you could rent a beach house for cheap.

And the beach had a public access section too, it was only a crappy chain link fence that separated the two sides and it only went to the sand.

Only real answer lol

Man why would u do that. I have a folder full of screen shots because I accepted right away lol


And to be fair people might be able to get on a base easier than most would expect. But how far will they get before any real threat is done is the real challenge lol.

Not really with the example used before. When they did a special premiere of tropic thunder on base tons of civilians were able to sneak on and it was suppose to be for the marines only

Well yeah I suppose but look at it this way. If a civilian came onto a base and even got past with a weapon or even without. How quick would they be taken down either by arrest of fatal before anything serious could be done. If they have one simple target they still have to find that target. And then I’m sure most military could handle themselves over a random civilian. Especially someone that is mad over an hk on a video game lol. But yes this obviously isn’t 100% the rule. Things happen. But more so than not I’m sure that person would be taken down

And I haven’t forgot about the duel. U have the btag now from this thread so add me. I’m on vacation until Atleast Saturday and I’m not going to try a duel with u with this WiFi I’m on. It’s bad lol. Doing random quests and stuff I’m having lag. Heck even a pet battle moves were taking forever. I thought ruin was invading my pet battle lol

Not very likely.

I mean once you clear the base perimeter there aren’t ID checks or anything like that. The only way you getting caught if it’s a tiny duty station, you start getting to the size of like Ft Polk, Pendleton, lejeune, etc quote easy to walk around and do nothing.

You good, I been living with no AC for the last couple of weeks so haven’t been really able to do anything extensive with my gaming rig until late night when it’s cooled down.
Why I always been getting on so late and been in the middle of a move, new house doesn’t get internet until thursday.

So once everything calms back down irl for me I am catching up on 2 duels.