Legion Raid WQs missing in 8.1

(Wain) #1

WQs for Legion raids seem to be missing since Patch 8.1 hit. Unless it’s just been a really bad coincidence that they haven’t popped.

These WQs are sometimes useful for making things appear that are otherwise unobtainable. For example, the fel hippogryph is only available / tameable when https://www.wowhead.com/quest=44938/the-nighthold-love-tap is active in The Nighthold.

It would be nice to at least know if this change is intended or a bug, since alternative arrangements may need to be made for things like this.



Noticed same thing here. Been waiting weeks for “The Nighthold: Love Tap” WQ to pop up. Noticed the last few weeks there has not been a Nighthold weekly World Quest up. Feels kinda rough logging in on Tuesday to see yet again no quest up.


I was able to do them when I zoned in, they just didn’t show up on the world map.