Legion pet battle world quests removed?

I’ve been wanting to level up against Odrogg while Squirt was down, but looking through the world map for Legion zones I’m not seeing any pet world quests at all. Also checked the BfA zones and they were gone there too! Am I just SOoL?

Edit: Check your map settings (magnifying glass in the upper right of the map) to see if you have everything you want enabled! Thanks Kyzera.

I’m not seeing pet WQs in Highmountain or Stormheim today, but there is one in each of the other 3 Legion zones.

That’s strange because I see only regular WQ in every zone except current content, where I’ve already completed the WQs. Have they started putting a daily limit on the number of times you can do a pet WQ per account?

Did you check to ensure you are still tracking pet battles on the world map?

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That was it! Weird it turned that off for me by default. Used to always see them. I guess we’re in the minority of players who do that content heh.


I’m glad they’re still there. I was thinking, “I still see BfA, but that’s the last expansion I have.”

I like some of the Legion Pet Battles. Like killing the Hungry Icefang, who corners that adorable Baby Elderhorn. It would have been a great storyline to get that pet. After being rescued by you five times or something, the orphaned Baby Elderhorn realizes that it’s safest with you and becomes your pet.