Legendary Memories from Castle Nathria

We’ve seen how many players are having a hard time finding groups for Castle Nathria to obtain the Legendaries from that raid.

With a hotfix that we’re implementing soon today, we’re going to provide an option for returning players and alts to get these Memories through gameplay other than the Castle Nathria raid itself.

  • Legendary Memories that were previously obtainable only from Castle Nathria can now also be purchased from Rendle, who now appears in both Castle Nathria and in Haven.

Rendle will sell the Castle Nathria Memories for the same currencies that you can currently use to buy the random legendary item Chronicle of Lost Memories (Grateful Offerings, Catalogued Research, or Soul Cinders), and also for Cosmic Flux. At the same time, the Chronicle of Lost Memories will not become available for Cosmic Flux, as we want to make sure players keep enough of that currency to begin upgrading their legendaries in Eternity’s End, and remain able to use the upcoming Creation Catalyst to create tier set items.

As part of this change, we’re reducing the cost of the random Legendary item from some of its previous sources.

  • The Chronicle of Lost Memories now costs 15 Grateful Offerings from Covenant Vendors (was 30), or 1500 Catalogued Research from Archivist Roh-Suir (was 2000), or 400 Soul Cinders from Bonesmith Heirmir (was 600).

Great change. Thank you!!!


right on thanks

Oh, this’ll be lovely for a few alts.

Keep showing us that you’re listening to feedback, this is a great change and is further emphasizing the feeling that Blizzard has taken a positive turn.


This is an awesome change, but this wording seems like it’s contradicting itself. Will the random legendary memory be purchasable with Flux, or will it not?

End of the post seems to explain it:

Oh, it took me a second to comprehend. The Nathria legendary items can be purchased with Flux, but the random legendary item cannot. Didn’t exercise good reading comprehension there lol

This is excellent! Thank you!


About time.
It is indeed cool that the gameplay team listens to players (except, of course, for the amount of excessive metric push that causes all the current prejudice to the game’s fun).

Meanwhile, the writing team… too busy looking down on criticism.


Youre ok blizz :+1:

Thank you!

Good change… but you forgot Rendle’s giant gold pile and rhinestone glasses from Korthia!

Could have just added them to Halls of Atonement and Sanguine Depths at the same drop rate as the other dungeon legendaries. Oh well, Blizz gonna Blizz.


I’m glad they didn’t do that. Queuing up and dropping dungeons just for legendaries is pretty awful.


Some people just gotta find something to complain about. I agree with you, its a good change.

Oh, this isn’t a necro.

Not really.

It would have been in line with making them drop from any boss kill which would be free, rather than making it come from a currency you have to grind out.

It’s only half good. Good that they took it off a raid that was hard to get a group to do, bad that they’ve now made it work with currencies you have to grind and might be trying to collect to purchase other things.

Would have been better to move these to a dungeon boss (where they should have been all along) and forget the currencies altogether.

They’re making them available for Cosmic Flux - a currency players have only just been able to use, and many players already have 2x as much as they will ever need for their alt character. Insofar as any “currency” is involved, this one isn’t in any way a grind.


So that people can just get their boss kill in, drop group, re-queue and do it all over again?

Which sounds more degenerate? Joining a group and dropping after a specific boss constantly, or spending currency that’s collecting dust?