Legendary is still garbage

Bad luck protection just isn’t real. 13 weeks of heroic Sarkareth, every single week since bad luck protection, still nothing. The fact people can get it on alts and never play evoker or even just never make the legendary is awful design. Should’ve just been locked to Mythic if they’re gonna wanna make it seem rare, otherwise make it so the bad luck protection is actually tangible and noticable instead of just “bro trust, it’s there, bro. Bro, bro trust.” It’s awful, it’s frustrating, and it shouldn’t be in the game. Genuinely. There’s practically no reason to play on my evoker any day other than tuesday just because it’s so frustrating to see other people who do less and care less getting it in literally a fiftieth of the effort I put in, and even then still perform worse. The fact there’s zero clarity on how the bad luck protection works, or even if it does beyond anecdotal ‘i got it’ trash is also incredibly frustrating.


15 for me :upside_down_face: :crazy_face:


I’m on what, 19 resets now? Thank god we needed someone to swap enhance.

Poor you. In SL I ran over 90 dungeons trying to get a dagger on a rogue. The game is random. No need to look for a pity party on the forum.

Though I’m not a Lego doomer, I’m pretty sure most evokers would happily do 90+ runs if it were actually farmable, lol.

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Absolutely. If I could farm it continuously I would. This has a weekly lockout and a ridiculously low drop rate. I am getting so damn tired of killing this thing weekly. Killed on heroic every week since legendary unlocked.

Can confirm I would have the legendary by now if it was farmable :dracthyr_love_animated:

I got mine on the 15th kill. Hoping you can get yours soon!!

Was never added. just a multi roll

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