Legendary dagger mog bug?

So I jumped on my rogue today to mog my legendary daggers. To my dismay I was only able to get |Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages|to mog. When I try to mog my main hand Golad, Twilight of Aspects doesnt even show up. I was wondering if this is a bug or not.

So if you took a couple seconds to search up this topic instead of making multiple threads you would have found out that since they share the same model you have to use the drop down menu to use the “main” hand mog.

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Right click on the dagger in the transmog interface to select the other name.


had the same issue on my rogue OP but as the green above me said just right click itll be fine

Yah because the whole drop down menu is not explained I made a similar post to this the first day of the patch. But it may have been the same green posted a similar response, just right click and you can get the main hand dagger to show. These are some of my favorite daggers so I am glad they work.

For what it’s worth, the non-intutive UI for mogging those (awesome) daggers is an acknowledged issue.

“Not user-friendly”. Someone at Blizzard CS is a master of understatement.