Legacy Raid Loot Drops

Blizzard, can we PLEASE remove non transmogable items from legacy raids? It is very frustrating when you are farming transmogs and EVERY item a boss drops is either a trinket or artifact relic or jewelry

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That would help, but what I really want is the option to leave unlooted stuff behind when I exit the raid so it doesn’t all show up in my mailbox afterwards - not just vendor trash but pretty much everything that didn’t give me a new transmog appearance. I wound up writing an addon to deal with the deluge of items sent by the postmaster after a few hours of running old raids, but it still requires having a lot of empty bag space which I don’t always have. Sometimes I want the extra cash from vendoring those items but other times I would prefer not having to deal with it at all.

Just a simple dialog box when I exit the raid asking if I want unlooted items mailed to me or not would be wonderful.