Legacy Elite PvP Sets - Earning System

For those who are against it, please read my post till the end.

I wanted to suggest implementing into the game a new system which will allow players to earn Elite PvP sets from the previous seasons - Legacy Elite PvP sets.

Main Goal:
Attract and retain more players into rated PvP, if other rewards for the current season not interesting enough for them to push rating.

How should this system work?
There should be a rotation like Trading Post has. Every new season - new rotation.
The rotation includes 2-4 selections of your choice. For every class, this selection of seasonal rewards has to be the same. For instance - Vicious Gladiator, Vindictive Gladiator, Cataclysmic Gladiator, Wild Gladiator (for every class in the season the same selection).

Why should we have at least 2 selections every season?
It will bring more players into PvP if they can choose which one they like to get most and also we will speed up the rotation, so desirable set for some players would come earlier, and they won’t need to wait 3 years for it to show up.

Why should we limit this rotation to not having every set available to purchase?
The reason for this is that people won’t have a feeling that they can come back to PvP wherever they want to grab the exact set they want so badly. With the rotation - they will be able to choose only from the current available pull of sets for the current season.

How many times can we collect those sets during the season?
Once per character every season, or we can lock it under the whole class (like - got it on the Shaman - can’t get another one till the next season), so there won’t be farming with alt characters who will collect all the selection available in the current season, which is not a big problem in my opinion, if we have not a big pull of selections every season and those players who already got one of the Legacy sets would continue playing until they get 2d or 3d set.

All brackets. Including the upcoming shuffle raited BGs.
We don’t want to restrain people from playing in a desirable bracket.

Uniqueness of the Original Elite Sets:
Those earners who got those sets at their time should not be forgotten and be recognizable outside of these new sets. How can we achieve it? These new sets should wear a mark, like “Replica”. When we open a character’s profile, we can always see on their tmogged items name of the tmogged set such as “Replica of”. It will be easy to recognize who got this appearance in which way.

It definitely should NOT be available for 1800 arena rating. The reason for that - this system should lead people to chase progression in PvP, so they will stay longer.
My suggestion is 2000 or 2200 mmr. 2400 is also not a bad choice.

Currency - 500 or 1000 Marks of Honor for the set.


I know there are a lot of oldschool players who don’t want others to have the same old set as they have and put hard work into it in their time.
We need a fair system that can honor the previous achievers and the new players (or oldschool players who missed it) be positive about these changes. I am sure there are some oldschool players who missed some of the seasons and regret that they didn’t get some of those sets.
I just feel that there was too much effort put into these sets and a lot of them much cooler than the recent ones. And PvP’ers mostly don’t like to transmog their characters into regular raid sets.

And I want to highlight - these changes should NOT lead to making gladiator’s mounts available the same way. This is where we draw the line. Gladiators must always be easily recognizable “in the street”.

Thank you for your time.



/10 char


I’d prefer to just see a sort of token earned from winning a certain amount of matches above a threshold that can be redeemed for a single set.

Think 100 wins above 2100 in 2v2 or 3v3


It is not intended to be elitist, but the beauty of the settings is due to their exclusivity. whoever took it, took it. I don’t think it’s fair to those who went out of their way to get it at the time, knowing they could do without it.


said it perfectly


if they did do something like this (they won’t)

it should absolutely be to incentivize 3v3 participation
not be an afk reward in modes like shuffle or 2’s

no bad dumb


No as said before

yes. i agree OP.


i have 0 elite sets prior to when i started arenaing in bfa and i’m fine not ever getting the ones i didn’t earn before


A reward you want that youre in 0 position to even remotely reach :pensive:

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I like this idea.

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Ofc you do covlol-v2


SV hunters are so great, they are the only hunters that deserve anything cool.

Surv is a respectable spec.


It’s a good idea! Thank you!

I like the idea. Never been gladiator, but i always wondered why current glads couldn’t go back and get the older mounts. Gear sets for tmog seems like a no brainer.

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sure im down. i dont think the 10 pvpers left care anything about old elite sets being brought back tbh


exactly. beyond that, i bet 90% of the glads or elites who earned tmogs and mounts 10-15 years ago aren’t even playing today. Those guys are 40+ years old now and have families and such.


a little bird told me there are 50 and 60 years old that hang around here so uhh yeah :dracthyr_nervous_animated: :dracthyr_nervous_animated: :flushed:

I agree but remove the rating requirement and let us just purchase them for 10 marks of honor