Leeway update

Have they said they are going to remove it? Inquiring minds want to know.

Not until phase 2.

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They literally said to stop reporting it as a bug, its intended and staying.


Why would they remove a fundamental function of vanilla wow?

Cause right now it’s on the “not a bug but crap” list.

And they also changed the range of possibilities of the addon API for the today version…

It wasn’t like this in Vanilla, that’s why.


“Working as intended” per Blizz, so let’s stop making these

For you. It wasn’t like this in Vanilla for you.

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I don’t see them changing AV, but many people think that way about it too.

That’s inherent to the client, and for improved security. They always said they’d incorporate the modern bug and exploit fixes. SecureFrames and Methods is one of them.

Well I guess it’s melee for PvP then. Let’s hope Blizz fixes this problem sooner than later.

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I was willing to deal with sharding. I was willing to deal with layering until phase 2. and now…LEEWAY. I am not willing to deal with a warrior attacking my Mage at a greater range than my CoC. THAT is broken gameplay. Hunter is even in a worse situation with all their bugs. Telling any caster trying to kite a melee that is out of your spell range (fear, CoC ) or warstomp range it is fair and as “intended” is garbage. No thanks. I will wait and see, not worth subbing for broken gameplay. This is too much.


Kinda in the same boat.

No, it just wasn’t period.

What makes you think that?

I played vanilla… I do remember eviscerating with a rogue like 10 yards away… and delayed auto-attacks hitting pretty far away with my warrior.

It was like that…

I also remember not being able to hit anything with cone of cold lol… unless I was essentially on top of the target.

No didn’t you hear?

I’m sure videos of old game play and Blizzard must be wrong.

We should be hearing about it’s removal soon now that Badminou provided no evidence and just a statement that it wasn’t.

Remember how we got them to change mob damage when we were all 100% confident that they got it wrong and then showed us verifiable evidence that we were wrong?


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I played vanilla too. I do not remember crap like that. and if this is exaggerated even more now because our hardware and internet connections have improved, no thanks. you cannot tell me it makes sense a rogue can stab a clothie from over ten yards away while a spell such as CoC doesnt reach makes sense. That is bad gameplay. if you try to argue for leeway in today’s environment, I think you are missing something, or simply biased for melee.


You do know that leeway only kicks in when both you and your target are moving right?

If you nova a rogue he will not be hitting you from 10yds away just fyi

And I’m not sure if it applies to CoC too but I know a Mages AE gets extra range if they are moving to compensate for lag

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It’s garbage, remove it. Why is this even up for debate?

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Fine, don’t play. Seriously, nobody cares. These are the new “I quit” posts of the forums, and should be treated accordingly.

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