Leech ptr 9.1

Stuns DR wth are you talking about? You have zero pvp experience go sit in a corner somewhere

And bud why you linking someone else’s account stuff when the original link clearly shows your alts at the bottom of the page and thats not one.


Unfortunately, it’s how it works. tertiary leech from gear doesn’t work in PvP… which is weird because the other tertiaries all do. Speed/avoidance/indestructible all work in PvP. So you might want to put on a SL speed gem and sta/speed cloak (sta/leech one is bad) enchant for arenas and they’ll stack and add to your speed.


If you’re getting 1 shotted from the hunt, you need to stop fighting max level DHs at level 40.

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lol why are you crying so hard about DHs? Rogues counter DH so hard, as a NELF Rogue, I can think of AT LEAST 4 ways you can completely negate the damage of the hunt.

How did you take anything I said to be crying? I told someone whats what and they attempted to call me on it, badly.

You’ll notice the “alts” of this account are all level nothing because this account is used for classic lol. And I’m not talking about 2 stuns. I was talking about all the available cc from any of the specs I listed in my original post that pair with stuns. zzz

all stuns are on the same DR what are you even talking about?

Enjoy learning bro.

Are you suggesting things like cyclone / roots / fear / blind / etc are on the same dr as DH cc? Again, READ. WHAT. I. SAID.

You just got murdered. You should probably uninstall and become a hermit in the mountains.

Its like you don’t remember what you even said bud sooo uuuuhhhh gg there.

Don’t want to take his side cuz he’s wrong about other things, but we do have 2 CCs that don’t DR (stun/imprison)

Meanwhile Rogues have infinity CCs and better burst CDs

It’s why I said incap into stun was good. Unfortunately our stuns don’t have anywhere near the same uptime as rogue either, lol.

But yeah, dude’s wrong about a bunch and functionally retarded. It’s why he’s not spouting this stupid “waaaaahhhh the hunt hard counters RMX at 2.7k” on the arena forums.

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Our incap->stun lasts about as long as 1 20s CD kidney shot

P much. They’re non-DR’ing, but like… it means so little comparatively when our kit is so barebones compared to a rogue.

One’s not a hard CC and will break on damage until you pick up a pvp talent and once you do that you can’t damage someone in it. An incap is also not a stun and many classes have multiple forms of CC that don’t DR.

Oh, I thought ‘hard cc’ meant like full inability to control your character and ‘soft cc’ are things like root/snare where you can technically still do stuff through the cc.

This guy again dude LOL I’m having flash backs

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It’s round 2 this time LOL

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What??? O let’s kill DH pvp no problem…
At 220item level, 28%versa, in a bg team, with demonic and soul rending.
Damage is around 2100 dps. With 25%leech from would rending is 525 heals per second. For 6 seconds 3,150. I have like 38k hp. How that any help? And only for 6 seconds if i never got cc.

DH can’t survive in pvp at all!!! Doesn’t have the self heal that other classes, the damage not defensives. Paladin can self heal instant after 3 holy powers(their version of combo points) and like 4 shields. Shaman also can insta self heal with 5malesteom that is super easy to get. Warrior and dk can self heal 30% every 30seconds. Plus ignore pain and dk with shields. Warlocks mages and priests initial shields and very good. Rogues bean self heal, vanish, 100%dodge. Etc… Most of the. Other classes even been range have better defensives as base line.

And out don’t get extra benefits from leech of the gear in pvp? Then what’s the point of gearing for pvp with the best that you can?

And special if the DH can only use leech!!!


It’s actually amazing just how much of this is wrong or severely exaggerated…

yup. but it’s been like that since before shadowlands.

yeah DH damage mitigation complete bad.