Leaving Ravenholdt

As much as it saddens me, I HAVE to leave Ravenholdt. This was my first server, shortly after WoW was released…my very first toon and still my main is on this server. What made me decide to move was of this year’s Winter Veil… broke my heart. Went to go kill the Greech (or whatever), 3 people were there…and two of them opposite faction. Even worse, the WoW anniversary event…every time I logged in on my main, NO ONE was around. I leveled alts on different servers during that event.

And pretty sure anyone who is playing on this server DOESN’T know me from Adam…But I’ve been here pretty much from the start with my main but unfortunately, I have to leave.

Thank you all…current and former realm mates for all the memories.

(This toon isn’t my main…Cerwinde is my main.)