Leave the X-45 Heartbreaker alone

This would be how FFXIV does it for certain things.

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That’s the best thing that current WoW state brings, a lot of players trying other games washing away bad design ideas and bring new topics to WoW Devs to improve the game in a fun way, if we’ve chores now like Torghast it’s because we allowed this kind of bad rng drop for years and instead of claiming for improvement, players started this “rarity” campaing on Dev behalf, that’s why they didn’t care about doing changes until now that every small problem seems huge and they need to change the players view.

The drop rate should definitely be increased. I think 0.5% should be the absolute minimum on any drop. 200 tries is excessive.

I have it and you not = I am entitled to my luck and you are not = I do want not share it with you and you do not deserve it.

That’s the usual mind of those people.

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yes agreed. i just found out that you can make unlimited level 10s instantly log in and que up and run the boss. these people are the definition of crazy if they think they should get this mount handed to them. i will continue to slam these forums and help shut anyone down asking for this for free because that is exactly what they are asking for.

to the people that are not whining about it and are continuing to grind i honestly wish you luck dont give up. make more level 10s and get it. to the whiners get lost!

You’re just a troll literaly

You know they changed the minimum level since patch 7.3.5 to a minimum that’s max level - 10 , which actually make this farm worse compared to players that got it before this patch or even easier for players that got it when alts were not required and LFG didn’t exist, just reset instance during first years.

Everyone who gets it gets it “for free”. It’s 30 seconds of mindless button pushing in a slow group. There is zero skill involved, so congratulations on being lucky, but don’t pretend your effort is any more meaningful than anyone else who is spamming this stupid encounter.

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dont confuse luck with determination something you seem to lack. i had more kills on that boss than you got playtime. you want it go get it. it will eventually drop. killing the boss 3 times and running to the forums with salty discharge flowing down your face begging for drop increases only make you look like a sad little person.

You can’t get it on level 10’s lol

Increase the love rocket drop rate to 100%. Update holidays with new content each year. Stop locking time limited mounts and items behind absurd drop rates.

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It’s a percent chance, determination has nothing to do with it. If I go in and get it on the first try, was it my “determination” that got it for me? I’m not going to hit the slot jackpot in a casino just because I’m determined to do it.

This isn’t actually true. Statistically it should drop a certain number of times in a given number of runs, but the fun part of statistics is that you could run this with 100 characters a day for the rest of your life and not actually get it. Every time you run it you have the same 99.97% chance to not get it.

Doing something simple a large number of times doesn’t mean you’ve done something difficult. Nobody should be looking for an award for tying their shoes for the 10,000th time.

I’ve been killing this 15+ times a day for over a decade, but I actually don’t care if it’s rare enough that I never get it. It just irks me when people who lucked into a lottery ticket swagger around like they did something more special than be in the right place at the right time.


I hope they give it to everyone just to spite people like OP. :slight_smile:

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The only people who are against this needed lotto change are the ones who already have the mount. :joy:

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It’s called the Heartbreaker mount because people neglect their significant other to play WoW for a small chance for the drop instead of spending it with them on Valentines Day.

I made a decision and I’m sticking to it. I have accepted the fact I’m not going to get the mount and I’m really ok with that. It’s unpleasant for me to run alt these alts through this stupid instance, therefore I am not going to do it anymore. I find myself growing resentful to the game for wasting all my time in this way over the years. If I continue doing these activities, I will likely end up quitting. I choose to spend my wow time having fun.
If in the future wow changes how these type of activities work, I may revisit it.

lol. just lol. there are mount in game no longer obtainable by anyone because they were removed. Swift Zulian Tiger used to drop off High Priest Thekal in Zul’Gurub until it was removed from the game. why? bragging right for the select few?

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Yeah and? What does that have to do with the rocket?

It’s still in the game. On the BMAH.

Ask Blizzard. I’m not a dev.