Leave None Alive Bug Solution

So as all pet classes know, the Leave None Alive quest in the Alliance War Quest chain is bugged for all pet classes. After two days of Google-fu without any success, I figured out the best solution for Pet Classes, especially Warlocks.

  1. Once you use the Void Portal to get over to the boat, immediately dismiss your pet. Do not accept the quest until you dismiss or the quest will bug out. Do not summon any pet while you are on the boat.

  2. When you accept the quest, Halford Wyrmbane will disappear completely. He is bugged still. Don’t chase him or the quest will bug out.

  3. Go a third of the way down the steps towards the first mob. You can pull these three and easily DPS them. You’ll get your first 3 needed kills.

  4. At this point, you’ll notice that you are always in battle. HW has triggered the Advisor (it’s the 2nd quest you get on the boat). At this point, your target will shift between the Advisor and whatever mob is in front of you, so keep an eye on what you are actually targeting. You can move to the top deck and start dealing damage. The mobs are focused on the NPCs, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

  5. After you get all 10 kills (you can do this all on the top deck) make your way down to the very bottom of the boat. You don’t have to engage any mob as their focus is on the NPCs, so you can move through cleanly. Once you get to the very bottom, you’ll see the orange question mark, but HW will be bugged so you either won’t be able to see him at all, or he’ll be halfway through the floor. Turn in the quest and you’ll get the 2nd quest to go after the Advisor. You still cannot summon your pet. If you do, it will bug out and you’ll have to abandon and start all over.

Hope this helps!