Lctrl and rctrl in macros not working anymore. same for lshift, rshift, lalt, ralt

Easiest way to replicate the issue is with the macro below
/cast [mod:lctrl] Hearthstone; [mod:rctrl] Dalaran Hearthstone

The game doesn’t distinguish between lctrl and rctrl anymore like it used to. Same with rshift, lshift, ralt, lalt.

It has been like this for months without being addressed so there is no resolution in sight.

That functionality might have been removed by the devs purposefully. As such, if it were, then it isn’t a bug.

Yeah I already know that. That’s basically what I’m asking. Is it intentional or not because I haven’t seen any patch notes or anything about it being removed. Just that it stopped working when it’s been part of the game for a very long time.