Layers ruining game experience

Part of the fun of world of war craft is going out into the world and seeing other players. I am currently on a locked/full server with a 50/50 split between horde and alliance and every zone I go to is almost entirely empty. I do not see why we need 6-8 layers in any area that isnt completely full of people such as dalaran.

This also negatively effects the numerous guilds and players on our server who enjoy world pvp. Our server has a strong history of going out into the world and killing each other and all these layers do is make that impossible.

Blizz needs to rethink how layers work and probably remove them entirely from areas that don’t require it.


Based and correct but sadly it will never happen, somehow this issue is considered less important than all of the other non-issues even though we’re supposed to be playing an MMO.

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It sucks a ton. I’ll interact with people in Dal, and then likely never see them again because of Layering. Had lots of cute interactions with Alliance too. C’est la vie, we died for DF. So it better be a good expansion for people that are playing it.

holy cow, I am seeing not 6 or 8 layers on Grobb right now, but only 2. Ive been flying around and so far ice crown seems much more active and I am actually seeing people from both factions. Good news maybe?


I agree wholeheartedly, Layering should be gone. ASAP

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its great to have the support of Communism on our side

So nice having a full world, zones seem popping, Dalaran seems as condensed as Tokyo, and it’s all because a ton of the playerbase is playing the Dragonflight launch!

What a system we got here.

amen brotha i agree with you …

one time man we had an epic defensive battle in stormwind a few months ago man huge battle. they haaad about 2 raid groups aand we had about 3 in a half raid groups sitting with the king. We smashed them and instead of antoher bad asss battle they layer jumped… dont see why we have layers it kills our pvp fun,…

This issue is old, but it’s a constant problem. I’m losing event completions because of it. Several times now I’ll try to complete an event like Waking Dream and after filling the progress meter to almost full, I’ll be pulled to some other server or layer and need to start over. It’s getting to the point where I don’t want to do events anymore. I’ll just sit there and let others finish while I watch a movie. It’s insane!

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