Layers and Character Creation Adjustments on Select Realms

Yes. Each layer is it’s own entity.

Multiple, one per layer. Wrong layer, no boss. Hop layers for higher chance of getting one.

No, it’s


It won’t =P

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the rest of what i said on that post you quoted me on explained what you are asking about. you literally just keep reading my post and your question will be answered

this is not vanilla like, even though the populations are much much higher in classic. enough idiots are in these forums that the intellectual minority such as myself get drowned out in nothing comments made by the hundreds to thousands of complacent idiots

In the other post, they mentioned it’s the same change that occurred previously. Namely, a 15 minute cooldown on layering.

The layers in Classic aren’t localized. If you’re on the wrong layer, no world boss, no nodes, no world buffs, no AQ event. Layer hop for better farming potential.

Invite to asmon layer

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Spawns are localized by layer. Wrong layer, no joy. Also you can hop to get multiple world bosses =)

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“No layering after first week” - Main Game Director

“Just 2, promise” - Community CM

Why wouldn’t you think it’ll be upheld this time =P


Itll be fine. Bots suck but are a teeeeny tiny aspect of the issue. Like smaller than gnomes even.

In 2019 maybe lol. Faerlina in a much different place now.

Thanks so much blizzard! logging in to no queue instead of a 2 hour wait at 2:30pm is a very welcome change. Going to enjoy raiding going back to normal!

This is GREAT. No more sitting in queue for an hour and a half and missing raids. No more logging in 2 hours before raid only to AFK and remote desktop to keep my character active so I can raid. THANK YOU! Glad there are double the resources as well. Makes thing MORE AFFORDABLE!!


How dare they not foresee a pandemic! LIARS!!!11

my guild had issues running bwl because people couldnt log in for raid time without a 2 hour plus que

you guys should really not listen to anything the community complains about. just follow the guidelines pointed out by basic logic and conscious awareness and you will be just fine

This. 100%.

Thank goodness. Grobb is more than full.


Awesome, if you leave then that’s one person less, one less reason for layering.

Doing my part.