Layering wont ruin classic?

Well layering has already done its damage or will once its in.
Once its put in, but hopefully they will deliver it like they promised new layer after server max pop is capped and limit the amount people can use them to take advantage of.

A lot of people are of such low character that they’ll take a version of Vanilla with any changes without complaint. Especially pirate server players who were used to playing on garbage not-Blizzard quality versions. Inviting them to private consultations and closed and open betas is just another example of garbage in=garbage out.

Just like $$ and impatient kids with dim wisdom ruined retail, they’ve ruined a real recreation of a Vanilla experience at pre-Activision Blizzard quality levels.

Thanks dudes.

That’ll never happen.

I also hear regular players will ruin Classic, and casuals, and modern server architecture, and an updated client that runs in 64 bit, and…

drones on and on, listing endless things that have been bandied about on this forum and elsewhere as potential “Classic Killers.”

TL;DR – Folks are just mad it’s not a Blizzard-run private server.

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Nobody cares about that. People just want a faithful blizz-like experience akin to pre-BC (no sharding/layering). Not that hard to grasp.


Yeah but it seems some folks’ definition of “authentic” is literally “run exactly the same way it was run in 2004-2006”, which was never going to happen. Period.

Totally agree.

As long as the content and the actual gameplay remain the same, I’m happy. For me that’s #NoChanges. Some folks take it waaaaayyy farther than that. lol

I do have some personal preferences outside of those two things but those two things are imo the most important.

You really aren’t that smart. Kiddo.

Try trolling somewhere else.

While I agree with you, right now, they’re working towards readjusting all the mobs to be accurate and changing all the mechanics to be like Classic.

It’ll be interesting to see if they modify it so closely that the lawsuits don’t even get a look in, or whether they have to keep some inaccuracies in there to hide.

Weren’t the devs specifically screwing around with the number of layers and capacity of each layer in order to test them out, causing this weirdness?

I like the idea of only being able to layer-hop if you return to a rested area. People vanish there all the time when they do instant-camps, which is sort of a feature of rested areas. I actually REALLY like the idea of having to return to an inn or city to switch layers, even if you want to group with friends.

Why aren’t we talking about this more? This is an actual solution to an actual problem. You can’t get out of PvP this way and it’ll make farming devilsaurs and black lotus much more of a hassle.

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In Beta there weren’t enough players to even cause layering in the first place, so any layering had to be Devs mucking with everything.

In the Stress Test, they told us they were testing different scenarios.

And they’ve also told us that layers will use Vanilla population levels in Live.

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Absolutely yes. Like 90% of that video, that still gets posted every day here, is made up of bugs that are no longer even in the beta or the result of devs intentionally forcing layers to test the systems. Imagine that, using a beta to test the systems.

I mean, there was a bug in beta about a month ago where if you took a flight path while you were in a group it would dump you in midair and usually kill you. This bug was in the beta for about 36 hours but here they are weeks and weeks later still trying to say “THIS IS WHAT LAYERING DOES TO YOU!!!”.

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I know I have been a lot.

But I’ve noticed that reasonable solutions and logic tend to get ignored on the forums.

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Is there an actual thread to the “Layer-Hop Rested Area Limitation” idea? That’s the kind of layering thread I want to see more of. Real solutions to real problems. As opposed to parroting the popular take without really telling us specifically why you feel a certain way, what research/resources you used to support that conclusion, and how you best feel a problem should be solved.

I figured as much. But that doesn’t really fit the anti-layering narrative, now does it?

That’s hilarious. Just knee-jerk fear mongering at its least subtle.

Thanks, I’ll go take a look.


Parachute Cloak ENGAGE!

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Or we know why Blizzard says it is happening, and disagree that what they are trying to fix is even a problem.

Or, at the very least, that the problems created by layering are worse than the problems that are created by not layering.

If layering is done in a way that I can’t possibly tell it’s even occurring, then it’s fine. If it’s evident at all, or possible to manipulate as a player, then it is not fine.


Yes they were.

You know what’s worse than layering? When this Eloraell guy makes a puke-worthy post.

Just from your post. I can surmise that you have no idea of how layering works. Not one clue.