Lawsuit Timeline Summary + Lore articles

I wish every last one of them would leave, but no, they’re still here and complaining. They will likely always be the majority.


Which is funny cuz, you’d think the Wow die-hards would more likely switch to Group 3

but no

WoW Die-Hards go from “Everything Is Fine Copium” to full on exodus out of the game after a “feather that breaks the camel’s back” moment


True. I’m more of a type 3 though I’d leave the game under certain circumstances.


Yeah at this point I’ve just started to lose interest in playing for a few reasons

  1. The guild I’m in is a mostly heroic only guild. So we more or less stopped raiding after we mildly annoyed Sylvanas
  2. The content drought plaguing the game atm. By this point we should’ve had something about what 9.2 will look like. Let alone it would’ve been on the PTR.
  3. Most of my friends have stopped playing as well.

I might get back in when 9.1.5 comes out just to cap renown (i’m lazy) and do some of the mage tower challenges (I want the warrior set really bad).


yeah you would fear that.

I saw the best comment today in the GD to counter the “go woke, go broke” comment. Because it’s more accurate.

“Go broke, get woke.”


For good reason.

“Go broke, get woke” might apply to Blizzard, but that doesn’t debunk “Get woke, go broke”.

I’m rooting for type 5. Wants to still enjoy the nuance of the game, but doesn’t want to feel like the story enables or exploits negative tropes about their gender.


Because you want the Light to represent Christianity, and be more benevolent than all the other cosmic forces?


I took a short break from the game to recharge and get my bearings. After the whole lawsuit thing, I was like Quitting and burying my head in the sand isn’t going to help so I came back to be supportive towards the women. Sure they all wish more people would speak out against the potential assaults women have to live in fear of daily from immature gross men.

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I’m not sure if you’re mocking me, but I’ll treat it as a serious question due to benefit of the doubt. The first wasn’t my intention, but I’d be fine with the second. Morally good doesn’t equal infallible.

Sounds boring


you missed Aki’s rant then on why we shouldn’t support the workers because they would make more money on Covid support checks. She also thinks we shouldn’t support them, “just to support the good ones”… which is a bad take.

We should be supporting their push for a workers union. The workers at Blizzard have asked us to support them with this on Twitter.


The few game devs liking my tweets and following me tells me there’s a struggle internally so I’m sticking around, want the venthyr set for my DK

But through all of this I did realize where my line is:

  • Anshe is Not Real or Is Real But Evil
  • They choose to villain bat the Horde again
  • The Trolls are used as content fodder again

If any of those three things come to pass I’m leaving. I have one (1) more attempt at hope left in me for this game.

But I’m also starting Final Fantasy when Endbringer drops.

Gonna make an Elezen or Hrothgar Summoner. My IRL name is easy to make French or Slavic. Jean Emmanuel or Ivan respectively.


I do hope I’m wrong tbh.


It’s funny to watch their little breakdowns, though, especially after emotes being removed.


Well, my old comment about saying Blizzard should ban anti-vaxxers got a bit of support. I suspect if that were implemented, the majority would be gone.

I’d be surprised if Thadeus doesn’t take this comment as a personal attack, the way exemptions have been made for faith in that regard.

Don’t tell me he’s one of them. And the thread was closed and unlisted.

I don’t know if he is, I guess we will find out.

It’s brave of you to open that can of worms in this global climate. I’m too tired of dealing with that topic daily irl.

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What’s funny is my line is fairly small

It’s not a particularly high bar

It’s bare minimum.

  • Stop using Trolls are narrative canon/content fodder

  • Stop villain batting the Horde

  • Please make An’she a thing to counterbalance Elune and her Alliance-preference vis-a-vis her preference of Night Elves, make his name An’she, and do not make him evil.

I’m not asking or expecting something unreasonable.

A small amount of reflection on WoW’s story reveals this is necessary.

And yet.