Launcher is slow, Nr from Org viazep, Org lag

Every time I launch world of Warcraft I have to wait 10-15 minutes before it even allows me to see the play button.
The sign in shows usually immediately but then I’m waiting for the launcher to run.
My system can handle this and its not the Ethernet.

This has been an ongoing issue since legion.
Is there any kind of fix or troubleshoot that doesn’t require flushing dns.

Next is the zeppelin to northrend from org ends up glitching the load screen. it’s an eyesore. on one screen it’s wow basic load screen but then WotLK load screen tries loading and it goes back and forth. Hurtful to the eyes.

And the last is the ah in org has some major lag. Game loads fine but often times I am waiting for the ah people to show even though everything and everyone else has already loaded.