Latency/lag issue


just wanted to add… my latency has been very solid for the rest of the night, ive found ways to keep it solid on my end… idk how these posts work if there like tickets but if so this can be closed/resolved… a dev/mod doesnt have to waste his time on this post i kno blizzard is a busy company, game has been runnin solid at 61 been havin so much fun, and thanks again for info everyone

(Ekon) #2

If you’re talking about the retail client, there’s already a service like that available (which is also where boosting can happen, if you so desire).

If you’re talking about the classic client, there are free transfers from high population servers to pre-selected low population servers, if you want to give that a try, but I believe at the moment they are coast-locked if I read something correctly a day or two ago.

Paid transfers in classic are not yet a reality, but I think I’ve been understanding that they hope to introduce them sometime in the future.

(Yindar) #3

Being on a west coast server shouldn’t cause any issues. Your latency will be slightly higher but it shouldn’t be enough to cause problems. You might run a winmtr for 10-15 around the time your latency is bad and post it so we can see if it shows any problems.


thanks for the info guys, yeah i was talkin about classic, i think with a combo of not so good internet is the problem, i get like 70 latency at first which isnt too bad but it goes up past 100 sometimes, when im on east coast server it sits on 20 and when i get a spike it only goes up to 50… so it is a pretty big difference… i start at 3 times less latency on east coast and then the highest it gets to is half of what it gets to on west coast…

(Yindar) #5

That doesn’t sound too abnormal, but spikes are abnormal. A winmtr would help confirm everything is working right, though. Use the west coast ip.