Late night RP guilds?

Are there any late night rp guilds around?

I’m specifically looking for something active between 12-3ish realm time, but a little earlier or later would be alright too. Theme isn’t really important. I have a lot of characters and don’t mind making a new one. Just putting some feelers out.

If you have any goblins, you’re welcome to try out Flashbang Exports over on Horde side. We have a mixture of US and Oceanic players. While most of our RP events tend to be a bit earlier (usually between 8-10pm), we raid 10pm-12am on Fridays, and we have a solid handful of regulars on most nights between 2am-5am. It’s usually just social chat at that hour, but I’m more than happy to run dungeons or BGs whenever.

Good luck in your search!

Yeah, there tends to be some mythic dungeon runs as well as random battlegrounds for goblin training. Most everyone is open to rp at anytime. Just requires someone saying their going to X location to rp. You’ll usually find a few people that will go along.

If you’re okay rolling the race with the most swagger, goblin, then we would love to see you in Flashbang Exports.

Here is @flywheel recruitment post for our guild:

I have a couple horde here, but not any Goblins. I might just go ahead and either make one or move one over next pay period.

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Woo hoo, sounds great! ONE OF US! Woo, Luff.

Feel free to jump on our discord if you can’t see anyone online.

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When you do, please be sure to whisper anyone from the guild. Everyone has the ability to toss out guild invites. You’ll have the OOC rank until you rp with an officer(s). That can happen anytime or anywhere, and regardless if it’s an event or not. Feel free to jump on into our guild discord ahead of time and start enjoying the conversations, meet others, or just watch everyone quietly from the shadowy corner.