Late night Raid/M+ guild Tichondrius recruiting for 9.1

Behind the Curve - Tichondrius Horde

Raid Times- Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 1-3 am PST

We are recruiting members for our late night/early morning raid group going forward into Shadowlands. We will be focusing on clearing Heroic and moving into Mythic progression. Many members of the guild also push M+ for those interested as well.

We value commitment, attendance, and a great sense of humor. We only ask that you do your due diligence in knowing fights, coming prepared, and are receptive to constructive criticism.

We offer an atmosphere filled with humor and vulgarity. If this is offensive to you, we may not be the right fit. Our interest is building a progression oriented team that plays not only wow, but many other games together in our off time. Even if you are just interested in being a part of the community and being casual, that’s perfectly fine as well.

Required Addons/Software:
Rc loot council
Exorsus Raid Tools

If you think you would be a great fit, please feel free to contact anyone below-

Battle net:



We have punch and pie!

Possibly interested

Uwukey message me on Bnet Ransom#12238 or Discord Ransom#0662 with any questions.

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we need more pandas!


Join us! We are a lot of fun and actually get things done. We aren’t a stick up the butt guild that treats progression like a job. We have a good laugh and kick butt through content while improving each other… well mostly improving me. Because I’m a nub Demon Hunter hahaha

See, I got the dumb so I posted as some dead alt drood instead of my actual DH. Speaking of which, I still need to transfer some toons and get them into the new guild >.<

^this guy is a slacker

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where dem mages at

Your Mage rerolled

Strong need for Warrior and Demon Hunter

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How do heals look? Empty or full up?

Any Illidans or Valarians out there? Willing to listen to emo poetry or tall tales of battles long ago!

Heard they have buttermilk ranch

Love You Kuru… sexy time?

Feral friendly guild. I heard their cat mascot swapped classes to something bad. At least he’s a fox now.

Still looking for dps for SL.

We are accepting ANY and ALL PANDA.

Where all them Demon Hunters at?

We’re also open to M+ focused and Casual players just looking for a late night home as well.

Are you still looking for people to fill the raid team? I added ransom on and discord. Shiusagi - Deathrabbit#7215 - Discord