Last Man Standing (Achievement) - BUGGED

The “Last Man Standing” Achievement is STILL bugged since the removal of arena teams. This needs to either be fixed or removed from the game as it’s not possible to achieve in it’s current state, thus making the achievement “Arena Master” impossible to achieve.

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Would love to see some movement on this since the achievement is unachievable…

Bump, need this fixed.

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Anyone else wanting to hear something on this? Be nice if we could get some kind of answer from Blizzard…

Still no update…

Just gonna sit here and twiddle my thumbs…

The achievement, believe it or not, isn’t bugged entirely, it’s just borderline impossible to achieve. Basically, what is making the achievement fail to trigger from what I’ve seen posted on the internet, is that if anyone in the 5v5 match (including your teammates) leaves the match before the 1v1 concludes then the achievement isn’t rewarded. If everyone, all 10 people, stay in the arena until the 1v1 ends then the achievement will be rewarded. Hope this helps (even though the probability of having 10 people stay in the match for its duration is extremely low)


That’s the conclusion I’ve come to. But they really should just remove it from the Arena Master meta then.

Bumping this up. Almost eight months of this bug not being addressed. So many people could have Arena Master title if you guys just fixed this bug. The XPAC is half over already, and pvpers have been denied one of the most impressive titles in the game

Good info. Is this confirmed or just speculation? Not calling you out, just wondering if whoever said that has the achieve himself. I play on bene and have literally never seen a single person with the title. I figured people would have cheesed it by now with some 3am wintrades

Friend on my server recently got this. Friend and I tried to replicate this with 8 other friends, aka had two teams of 5’s queued up at the same time and got the same match, but werent able to acquire it. I have a screenshot but unable to post links. /HgOHBDA.png add that to the end of imgur


Your buddy and the warrior he’s versing in that picture, don’t have any 5v5 rating at all…

If you’re talking about looking up players on ironforgepro, that website has difficulty picking up players less than 1000 rating. For example myself, i have a 5v5 rating of 192 rating atm. But Ironforgepro doesnt pick that up or see that.

This is just something I’ve heard more than a few times, but I’m unsure if the folks who I oversaw chatting about it had the achievement, sorry to say.

just remove Last Man Standing from arena master achieve if you guys are too lazy to fix it. pathetic after 8 months really. there is no excuse.

Just did 20 games of 5s for cap and witnessed three times this should have been handed out, and wasn’t. No one afk’d out early

Thanks Koorban it is good to know the achieve is possible. I wonder why it is so clearly bugged and how one can achieve it properly


Finally FIXED!! Ty Blizzard.

Not really fixed cause you don’t get it when someone leaves.

This happened to me today, I opened a ticket detailing what happened and received an automatic response for me to search the forum for a solution. I will reopen until I have a decent response.