Last day for relatively level playing field!

Get in while going is good for all you unrated players.

The ilvl chasm will start to open tomorrow.

Fun while it lasted!

EDIT: just saw this

Credit where credit is due, this is a great change. Still a little bleak that it only nets us 3 ilvl higher than honor gear. I guess we’ll see how it plays out tomorrow!

So now we are forced to push for rating once? Or do PVE.


I know it’s not 100% ideal but the rating requirements are very achievable by most. 1600 is plenty high enough for decent gear and to not be left feeling weak. At least thats my thoughts

PVE trinkets are too good to overlook. They made a mistake not having a PVP stat.

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yes, but you get about 1 piece of gear every 2-3 weeks.

Yeah that’s true. They should increase the amount of conquest you can get per week or lower the cost.

wrong. you get weekly pieces from the great vault. unlocked by rating.

Lol except that rated players are only getting 550 conquest a week… so don’t worry.