Laptop Recommendations?

Anyone have a gaming laptop recommendation? I don’t have a lot to spend but my budget is a bit flexible if necessary.

Also, I have a good desktop but looking for a laptop backup.

Good gaming laptop (currently 200$ off)

Chaper Gaming laptop (currently 100$ off)

Try looking for Ryzen 5 4600H based laptop. Lenovo Legion 5 and HP Omen are examples.

AMD is smashing Intel.

Same laptop, different CPU.

Installing the game into my old laptop just to see how it runs

16gb ddr4 2133
Gtx 960m 4gb
128gb ssd (game won’t fit anymore with OS)

Lol this gonna be good. Haven’t played on this since legion.
1TB HDD (install)

Skylake is old. It should work though.

Buy a new SSD and migrate. They are dirt cheap.

It’s more scientific than anything. I have no need to play the game on my laptop.

I actually gave it to my dad, but the last time I went over, it was just in the closet. He said he never used it once, so I just figured I’d take it back to use for youtube/recipes to help me cook.

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Seems to be okay on 5 setting. Feels super weird playing on a 60hz display again tho

Loading sucks.

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Been there. I have 24" Dell U2414H 60hz 1080p. At least it is more bearable than my Phillips 32" 60hz 1080p. You can really see ghosting on Phillips 32".

Yeah, i don’t think i’ll ever be able to go to a lower end display.

I can do 75hz if the response time is decent.

I got these 2 cheap Lenovo 24" 1440p displays for work/browsing, and even when I put the games on them, they do pretty well.


24" IPS 1440p/75hz, 300cd/m3, 4ms gtg, 99% sRGB Freesync

They claim 4ms, which is probably pretty close. It’s much better than my laptop’s display.

I am using these as media/work displays and my AOC AGON AG241QX 1440p/1440hz/1ms/freesync gaming monitor.

Same here. So used to 144hz right now.