Landica, Queen of Hillsbrad

Hello hordies. It is I, Landica, Queen and Protector of Hillsbrad. It is my sacred duty to cleanse these hallowed and pristine lands of horde peasants. A gentle reminder, for the crime of trespass into my realm there is only one punishment, death. I am creating this thread as a safe space so that you may air any grievances you may have here.


Awwwwww, you’re adorable.

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Well thanks sweetie. I try to be.

You know I don’t think the horde appreciate the amount of effort I put into keeping Hilllsbrad a safe, family friendly zone. Every day I fly on up there all the way from Ironforge and start chopping down those pesky horde like trees. It’s super hard work!

They could easily work together to topple me, but being the cowardly antisocial losers they are, they have to cry to a level 60, or multiple level 60’s. Seriously guys if you need half an UBRS raid to beat a girl at a video game, it might be time to reroll.


Hello everyone! It’s been quite a while isn’t it? :hugs:

Yes it is I, your royal highness, Landica the Queen of Hillsbrad. Have you missed me? Well during my time away from my realm I notice the pristine fields of my once beautiful kingdom have become once again infested with horde. That is why I have nominated my heiress, Princess Kayandra, to come help police my realm. Why don’t you come introduce yourself?

Hey guys :flushed:

Thanks for the introduction Landica that was very nice of you. And hello to all my new horde friends in Hillsbrad. It’s sure been fun hasn’t it? :innocent:

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You two are doing a great job, but I am only there to get that little punk rogue camping my alt !
Kayandra sorry I thought you were that rogue in stealth lol

Thats ok Bonkers. I am doing a great job and it’s very important work! You know what they say right? NEVER FORGET PHASE 2

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