Lag/Jittering with every quest hand-in/Level up

How does a lore patch break the game worse than a balance or raid patch actually baffling

I’m having the same problem. My screen freezes for an instant whenever I:

  • Complete a world quest
  • Complete a quest
  • Get an achievement toast.
  • Rarely, when other players actiaves a special effect for the first time near me.
  • Rarely, when moving from an area of a zone to another, causing the music to change.

I updated add-ons, checked my GPU driver (it’s up-to-date) and I am trying to use the Repair function right now to see if it fixes the issue.

I don’t think it’s lag nor latency. I’ve been questioning friends in-game and the issue is not affecting them, so it must be something system-related.

I’m using Windows 7 with DirectX 11 enabled. My GPU is a GeForce 970FX. The issues started after updating to 8.2.5, but didn’t notice this happening in the few times I logged on the 8.2.5 PTR.

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There’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff they do that we don’t know about which can lead to stuff like this

It’s also possible its related to the party sync feature

Small update: Repairing the game did not solve the issue.


Tried that to give it a shot, with no luck.

Edit: For those that dont look up the post I replied to, reinstalling did not fix the issue

Same symptoms, just an occasional freeze for ~1 second. I experienced all the above symptoms as well as similar freezes every few minutes during dungeon runs last night. Quoting this as I’m also on Win 7. GTX 960 here.


Just wanted to make sure I kept you all updated. Our QA and developers are actively looking into this issue. We hope to have this resolved as soon as possible. Will update this thread when we believe the issue has been resolved.

Thank you.


allso i noticed the lag is getting better.

I can confirm after killing Bosses at Raids makes the ~1 second freeze

Anybody else getting 1 second of screen freezing when killing rares/bosses?

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Uhhhmm, that is what this entire thread is about.

Same issue here :persevere:

I have same problem. Every time I finish a quest, it freezes for a sec. I am afraid to do any quests right now. Killing bosses i’m ok so far, no freeze.

The only looting this is NOT happening on for me is…fishing.

Edit: also, didn’t experience the lag turning in the special fish to the Mechagon fishing trainer. Every other looting/quest turn in/ rare kill is freezing for me.

I have the same issue. It started after the patch. It seems to me like when there is new data being generated (such as handing in a quest etc) and our WoW client ‘talks’ to the server, there is a 0.5 - 1 second ‘freeze’.

I only started doing the 2nd half of the war campaign quest line today and this issue happens every single time after I hand in a quest.


Happening here as well. Fixes did not help the issue.

Same problem. Tried the fixes listed and no change. It’s happening in BFA zones and everywhere else I’ve messed around.

Same issue here. Proudmoore US.

Same issue here. Lastest patch did it :frowning:

This has been happening to myself and a friend as well. It also occurs when trying to open up things like the Mechanized Chests on Mechagon.

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