Lack of Communication or Explanation of Vision

I really wish there was some developer responses to 9.1 and WoW in general. There is almost no feedback from the Dev’s about why they are making certain changes, or what direction they are hoping these changes take gameplay. Hell even progress updates would be appreciated. I really wish they would just give players some input on the feedback the PTR players are submitting.

It has become par for the course, that most of the information about WoW comes from Wowhead. Blizzard has done to their community feedback, what they do with the PTR. They allow people who pay to play the game, do a segment of their work for free essentially. WoWhead has pretty much taken the role of communication with the players. All we see from blizzard is patch notes. Which offer little to no explanation of the changes made. Just buff this, nerf this, changed the graphic icon on the spell to reflect what the spell does.

There just doesnt seem to be any excitement from Blizzard about WoW anymore. Even the interviews and the Blizzconline seemed stilted and forced. And with all the high level departures, which in a 15 year old game were inevitable, they seem to be reeling with what to do.

Here is an example of what, in my opinion, would help us players. Explain what the intentions are behind the Domination Gear Slots, and the Potential need to Re-Craft Legendary Items. Or is there something in the works, that allows us to simply re-forge them to a different slot?

I can say this, for me, I have crafter Several legendary items for my 3 mains. For different specs, and like shadow, for M+, Raid ect. If I have to regrind Torghast for each legendary I have already crafted, just to craft them for a non Domination Slot, I will not be playing any of these Mains till the catch up is there. Essentially I will be benching 3 of my toons, because I do not want to re-do all the work I already put into them.

Right now I have put a halt on my 6mo. It should run out 1 month into 9.1 if 9.1 releases soon. If it looks like All the legendary work I have done over the long 9.0 patch, essentially has to be re-done, I most likely wont renew. At best, I will level one of my LV50 for a new main, or play TBC if thats the case. At worst? Just not play wow till the last patch of the expac, or come back next expac.


Their vision is to watch the MAUs and wait till the trend hits a predetermined negative slope before they blow their latest glitter into the air for people to consume. Repeat ad nauseam.


“turkey club on wheat”

-blizzard developers, perhaps

Im not sure what point you are trying to make. I was not complaining about the delay. Nor did I imply, in any way, that the delays caused by Covid-19 were not acceptable.

My complaint was that there have been no real design explanations, or communication on what the intention is behind certain changes or systems. Most of the information on 9.1 comes off a 3rd party site. Changes to the PTR are simply done, with little to no explanation. Testers simply encounter them and have to create their own explanation from what they distil from the experience.

For a developer as large as Blizzard, and a game as popular as WoW, I just would like a little communication from the devs on the goals of changes and systems. What do they want to accomplish from a gameplay perspective? And perhaps, why they feel these changes or systems will enhance or better the gameplay experience?


Do not give Brillus the time of day, honestly. He’s a Troll.

I do think their lack of communication is doing a significant amount of damage to the morale of the playerbase. There is no excuse to not be actually talking to their players, yet here we are. It’s…frustrating for sure.


Really tell that to those of us who still had to go to work so people sitting on their rears at home could get food made so Grubhub and such could deliver for them .

Or tell it to the people working emergency services or those making sure we got power to our homes or the person having to restock toilet paper in the store because someone thought they needed 20 jumbo packs of the stuff how the entire world shut down .

Unlike a lot of us they are able to actually do their job from home . So those of us that don’t get that option don’t really have much sympathy for the “Oh but we had to work from home crowd”


Look in the bright side at this rate we’re almost guaranteed a video from Ion and his yesman Lore of Ion answering hand picked questions where he talks in circles.

Either that or we get another Ion interview where he just talks in circles and explains nothing.

I mean it didn’t, most people very easily swapped to WFH but some how Blizzard seemed to have some kind of unheard of issues with this swap.


:cat: :tophat: : Yes the Ion is talking but is he really saying anything.

AND…blizz was using telecommunications for years b4 covid…cisco,zoom,skype etc,etc
they should have had a hand up on other small indie companies…yea i had to sneak that in there

I think they have a deal in place with wowhead. They leak them the info and get a cut of the ad revenue. No communication though could be anything. A lack of effort or caring seem to be the most logical.

Big agree. Just tell us your thoughts you don’t even have to read what we think because I know you won’t anyway blizz


but I agree 100% with your title