Kyrians have a weird fetish

I just don’t understand the need to hold me while you go throw spears down at the ground or grab scrolls from your floating book cases. Like why am I there when you’re clearly doing all the work or have a free hand if you weren’t holding me?


Meh the foot fetish poster is weirder. Least when you’re allowing a kyrian to hold you you’re consenting. That other guy just forces his trolling on everyone

They just like to literally as well as metaphorically choke the individuality from you is all.

It’s a power move. In the afterlife, you have to assert dominance early


They just like you so much. Mortals are very huggable!


Kyrians be like


Some people are into that. I’m sure there are a rather large number of guys that would love to be crushed up against a massive blue skinned women with large muscles. Vice versa for women. Thick thighs apparently helps you flies.

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Chocking is not weird, it’s totally fine as long as they don’t actually kill you.