Kyrian Holy

So, I main a holy priest that’s NF. and I <3 it. And I had no issue getting KSM and stuff as NF. But Now I have friends that do higher keys telling me for m+ Kyrian holy is the way to go. I have another level 60 priest (yeah i love priest, get at me) that is kyrian because i wanted to play disc. I switched things around on her to go holy kyrian. I did a 15, timed it, yay, but like, haha i don’t think i’m using boon right at all or anything. I wasn’t doing amazing dmg. I’m also not sure if i still use FC leggo or the boon one? (i used FC leggo) and I’m not sure if i should use divine star or benediction? (i used benediction). Any kyrian holy priests wanna help me out or any thoughts on if kyrian holy is the way to go for m+ now? XD <3 Thanks.

If you look at the leaderboards, the top 2 highest Holy Priests are both Night Fae. There is a healthy mix between Night Fae and Kyrian at the top end of Keys. If you’re only doing keys I wouldn’t bother switching unless you need a Kyrian in your group. Boon is kind of clunky for Holy’s play style.

There’s a lot of Kyrian Holy Priests in general this tier simply because it’s required for raiding in Discipline. Just like how last season there was a lot of Venthyr Holy Priests. Kyrian holy priests, on average, also do more healing in the raid than Nigh Fae.

Top holy priests are running Divine Star and the FC leggo in keys.

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Kyrian Holy can do 3-4k+ overall dps in dungeons. I’ll def give it a spin in 9.1.5.

Still using FC, you can do good dps with it on big packs, but It’s hard to use. If you only focus on boon you will let people die left and right.
You can saftely boon when mobs are almost dead or when tank is kiting or at pull but not always. Have to get some experience by yourself.

In 9.1.5 you’ll be free to change covenants without any penalty so you can give it a try on your main.

Beside that, holy kyrian think it does the most amount of dmg you just have to time your Boons in big packs, I don’t see it very useful in boss fights.
Probably Kleia for the crit buffs might be the go to for M+.

And yep, FC is still the go to legendary even as kyrian.

It’s definitely fight dependent when to use boon. For trash fights, these are the general rules that need to be followed:

  1. Tank has active CD’s available. This is a big requirement in higher keys.
  2. Trash isn’t able to throw unavoidable damage. Also a big requirement. 2 big examples are ambush packs in plaguefall and the first 2 pulls of mists. Unless you have good rotating aoe CC, you’re better off holding it so people dont die and you don’t waste the cooldown.

Because tank CD’s are 2 mins, and your boon will be roughly 2 min CD with mikanikos, you generally use it every time your tank is able to or actively using CD’s.

For bosses, there’s priority for it.

  1. Boss has an increased damage phase. First boss mists and 3rd boss spires fall here. Save the CD for that phase.
  2. Planning to use hero for that boss. Save the CD for the hero and there’s no hard healing requirement when you use it.
  3. Very important add phase. Muezelah (de other side) and Xav the unfallen (theater of pain) are the key fights here. Use boon to power through the spirits on muezelah and to cleave off Xav’s banner the first time dps are dropped.
  4. Use on pull or whenever CD is up if 1 and 2 aren’t happening. Just make sure people won’t die when you use it.

Mikanikos is looking like the play for Kyrian because their final tree ability does AOE damage with the initial cast of Boon and also reduces the cooldown of it up to 1 minute based on how many targets you hit. You also get +15% haste for 10s if you hit 5 targets.

Also, IIRC Ascended Blast has a 3s cd inbetween casts so you can weave heals inbetween casts.

It’s just trading more offense at the expense of defense. NF Dreamweaver gets cheat death, mini-auto flesh craft every 1 minute, and the -20% DR tank CD every 1.5 minutes vs an extra 1200-1500 dps as Kyrian. So it really comes down to how good your dps is and what level of the key is.

So it really comes down to how good your dps is and what level of the key is.

Aoe hardcap is getting tweaked, so many dps are going to get a lot better. NF could be the play to enable gigantic pulls when the patch drops, but in the current environment, I really favor kyrian for the extra dps.

Personally, I favor NF b/c I would be oom ALL THE TIME w/ out. I heal in mostly 2/3/9 raid comp and i’m usually lowest on OverHeals but still oom the most- w/ out my faries I’d have such little recourse. Even in M+i find it useful early on prior to getting loose mana power.

I switched from Kyrian to NF and the main benefit I noticed was having a Pain Suppression like cooldown from the fairies, it helps tanks a lot for big pulls. The cooldown reduction from fairies is nice, but it’s not game breaking or anything, it shaves off a total of 20s off major cooldowns unless you run Fae Fermatae conduit. Mana wise, I don’t really see all that much difference between Boon and Fairies b/c with Boon I could stop casting mana eating spells altogether. The Redirected anima (Niya) and Combat Meditation (Pelagos) are pretty much the same thing. The damage burst with Boon is also much larger. I was excited for Sphere’s Harmony for Discipline but also noticed it did quite well with Holy. Bwonsambi’s Pact definitely buffs Guardian fairies, but it’s not worth trading out FC imo.

For me, NF rounds me out more as a pure healer and Kyrian gives me more damage if I have ample windows to use my covenant ability.

In Raids, stacking crit./mastery over haste is what has helped me the most. Secondary stats have roughly the same through put no matter how you juggle them but Crit/mast. has fewer casts and fatter Echo heals, conserving mana. My overhealing kind of shot through the roof though.

It honestly comes down to what covenant fits the glove.

If your group already has big dps and hitting timers isn’t a problem than you can play more defensive with NF. If you’re trying keys and timing them is sketchy than that extra 1k dps may be enough to time it.