KulTiras armor

Hey Guys, planning on doing the Kul Tirana storyline. Any advice on getting chest armor? The quests in the zone don’t really give you any unless you complete a certain part of the story so you go without a new piece of armor for a while. I guess I could go back and go between zones to do quests that reward armor pieces. I could take up leather working but I’d have to stay in Kul tiras so the chest pieces I make won’t be crap or too low level, and it’ll take time to start making good pieces. I also want to do some legion stuff but I don’t want to outlevel kul tiras. And I’m a rogue so I feel my worries are a bit justified in the armor department. Also would like to know if outlaw rogues have good sustainability for like taking on rare mobs at least

Ever notice Kul Tiras looks nothing like Tol Barad and there are no Kul Tiran prison guards? Funny that…

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Could probably find a green in the right level range on the AH

Thanks guys

Doing some of the WQs will often times auto give you the piece of gear they think you need the most so hit some of those up too.

Alright are WQ automatically active if do I need to do certain stuff like with legion? I don’t remember WQ popping up while there. Appreciate the information nonetheless

Sometimes it will take a little bit of doing the quests in the zone to unlock the WQs. Once you do there is a very good chance that you may find what you are looking for if you do enough of them.

Thank you. I looked it up. Turns out I have to unite the factions in kul tiras ti unlock wq. Don’t know why they just can’t be active activated from the start lol