Kul Tiras & Stromgarde RP

Hello Moon Guard friends!

I’m wondering how the Kul Tiran RP scene is here on Moon Guard, and also if there are any folks daring enough to RP as Stroms, either individually or as a guild!

For a long time I’ve wanted to get into a more established Alliance community, but after years of RPing in Stormwind, I’m 110% burned out on the city and surrounding zones (Elwynn, Redridge, etc.). They’re not bad by any means, but I’m eager to use the other wonderful RP hubs and zones we have. Boralus for example is one of the most well-realized cities currently in the game, but I feel like it’s a struggle to find a community that uses it actively (as opposed to guilds who use Stormwind, which are a dime a dozen)!

TL;DR: Any Stromgarde or Kul Tiras RP guilds/communities out there? Not necessarily looking for a strict “military” RP guild, just anyone who uses the newly rebuilt Stromgarde or any zone in Kul Tiras for regular RP!


I’m interested in both. Would be nice to find a community that has both Kul Tiran and Stromgarde RP.

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Don’t we have a “Kingdom of Stromgarde” guild out there too? What ever happened to them?

They’re around the Cathedral district somewhere

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Thanks for the link, Alice!

Also… did I read that right? The Kingdom of Stromgarde guild RPs in the Stormwind Cathedral District? :woman_facepalming:


Nah, I think they just stand around there oocly a lot of the time like the vast majority of the server does

I’ll partake in any RP so sign this Wastelander up. I’ll bring the spiced rum and summoning cir-- I mean cookies.

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They (Kingdom of Stromgarde) stand around and recruit. Last I heard, however, they took a break until Shadowlands.

I’m currently in another state away from a computer but feel free to reach out and check out Arathorian Covenant, as mentioned we usually are around the Cathedral

I hope you’ll check us out, Alysoun :slight_smile: The Tenth Fleet has made extensive use of Boralus as our primary Rp hub over the last six months since our founding and we’re proud to call WoW’s best city our home. Feel free to check us out! Check out our Forum, wave to us online, check out our websites, good times ahead, I predict!

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I think the biggest problem for Kul Tiras is that sharding is still an ongoing issue until Shadowlands is fully released. I know both the Tenth Fleet use it as I’ve seen a several and the Kul Tiras Marines use it as well. However, with said sharding, you likely need to already be in a party or raid to make sure you can all see each other. That means it pretty much has to be planned. I think once the sharding goes away though Boralus will be able to finally be used for some good walkup.

Thanks for your comments everyone! Caniedus and Ladekahn, I may be reaching out to each of you here shortly to get more info about The Arathorian Covenant and Kul Tiras Tenth Fleet. :slight_smile:

And Jerec, I hadn’t considered that Boralus and Kul Tiras might be experiencing a lot of sharding since they’re still “current” zones, but having groups to circumvent this seems like a good approach. Regardless, if anyone else reading this thread has any more leads for me to follow up on, I’d love to hear about them!

I may be transferring Alysoun here to Moon Guard soon, and possibly rolling up a Kul Tiran character as well to check out both the Stromic and Kul Tiran RP scenes (such as they exist currently)!