Kul Tiran and Zandalari Unlock Requirements

I just don’t like the direction this is taking; the first few allied races didn’t require group content, but now it’s increasing.

I think this sort of feature should be solo-able.


Nightborne alone required Dungeon and Raid clearing for the Surumar storyline.


Good Suramaritan required a LFR Xavius kill. No other dungeons. I didn’t like that, even though I went ahead and did it; it was the only Legion dungeon I set foot in when it was current.

Pathfinder required the order hall campaign, all of which required dungeons except druid (guess which one I did)

I just don’t like that individual features like flying or allied races are behind group content.

This is just my opinion; but it is what it is.


Spending 60 bucks on a expac and then having to unlock parts of the pack is a business practice even a Mafia Don would frown on.


The unlocking is content. It’s stuff to do.

You’re complaining about having goals and stuff to do?


What dungeons ?

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I think it’s more folks want to be doing content with those allied races and not doing stuff for those allied races.

I do think an unlock pathway is cool and immersive but it can get tedious and serve as a turn-off. I imagine it would be a bit frustrating if, when creating a new character, you had to complete the Silithus tutorial like a trial character can participate in (but a new toon would have to), but in addition it’s an hour or so longer. Before you ever start earning xp


My biggest complaint on this is the time gating of it. Zandalari trolls were in the trailer and it’s 5+ months before they’re being released since the game launched. Can you imagine how furious the community would be if, during Cata, they had to wait 5 months to unlock Goblins and Worgen!?

  1. Achievement: “Tides of Vengeance” – Complete the Tides of Vengeance war campaign.
  2. Achievement: “Zandalar Forever!” – Complete the following achievements on the continent of Zandalar:
  • The Throne of Zuldazar
  • The Dark Heart of Nazmir
  • Secrets in the Sands
  • A Bargain of Blood
  • The Final Seal

Yeah take all that out. Rep should be the only requirement.


so here is my question I have everything done on my hunter but I don’t want to race change that char I have another horde I have another horda mage char that I do want to rac change to a bal druid zandalari troll … so do I have to do that all over again on that char or since I already have it on my hunter all completed . that good. so basically is it accountbound or char bound ?

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It’s accountbound.

You don’t have to race change any of your characters. Once they’re unlocked you can make fresh ones at level 20 like all Allied Races or race change any of your current characters.

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New race requirements unlock for FFXIV: Buy the expansion and it is unlocked.


Personally, I’m fine doing quest lines (on both factions) to unlock the allied races. What bothers me is having to grind (functionally identical) reps beyond the scope of those quest lines to Exalted and then having to grind again what are functionally the same reps for the opposite faction (or use the pay-to-win option of a faction transfer) because the reps are faction exclusive.

It’s that last bit, the idea that I can pay for a faction transfer to skip the rep grind… that’s what really sours it for me. Just make the reps unlock the rep requirement for both factions if the rep can carry over on a faction transfer.

(Edited: To be clear, I was fine grinding the four reps to get Highmountain Tauren, Nightborn, Lightforged Draenei, and Void Elves because I could do all of this on my main. The faction exclusive nature of these newer reputations are the problem here because it effectively forces us to make a second main on the opposite faction to unlock those character options. That’s expecting a lot of time investment for some people who may not have all that much free time to invest just to unlock content that was not originally advertised as being locked behind multiple achievement and reputation requirements.)


Yo Zandalari trolls existed during Wrath. Yet you guys forgot to add them as Deathknights. And I know you hate adding allied races to the list, cause you all dumb, but you need to do it and you can’t hide behind excuses anymore. So, Zandalari troll Deathknights. Lets go. You don’t even have to add a sacrifice to the starting area. On behalf of the player base, we in fact, DO NOT CARE ABOUT CONTINUITY AS MUCH AS WE CARE ABOUT YOU ADDING SOMETHING WE WANT. So, thanks in advance for your compliance on this matter.

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To get A Nation United, you must complete the Siege of Boralus dungeon, in which you can complete it in Mythic difficulty, like I did.

Is Zandalari Forever! required to be completed on the unlocking char or is the achievement account wide?

The achievement is account wide.

Oh god… We got another one.

Those were Drakkari Trolls.

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The Achievements are account wide, you only need to complete them once.