Kul Tiran and Zandalari Unlock Requirements

Void Elves take the cake. “We don’t want to join you until you became a legendary exalted hero of these broken Draenei on a different planet that have nothing to do with us.”


I ignore Void Elves existing.


Serious question: I have an Alliance toon that has met the requirements for Kul Tirans. If I faction swap to Horde before unlocking Kul Tirans, will I still be able to complete their scenario and unlock them? I do not have another 120 Alliance character.

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Why no just tie it to pathfinder1 lol


Both allied races I am not interested in .

While I am not 100% sure on how the achievements themselves work with a faction change - the point that was mentioned above would be the primary issue: you would need a max level Alliance character to do the recruitment questline.


Unfortunate, but I guess I’m not exactly in a rush for more alts.

(er, that’s intended to read as just an acknowledgement and resetting of my expectations, not a passive-aggressive complaint)

Simple. I RARELY dungeon or raid. But now I’m being told to do 4 dungeons on an expansion that I paid for that was advertised as including Allied Races. Not to mention their own website clearly states do a quest to unlock them…not 100 different achievements and rep grinds


I’m not arguing against that. I’m arguing against imagined faction bias.

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Will we get two more character slots opened up on our servers?

This Allied Race “feature” of the expansion should of been unlocked at launch. Sure, have us do the achievements and gain the rep to earn the trust of the respective factions. Datamining shows that the models were in at 8.0 but Activision just keeps stringing us along. Gotta keep those subs going somehow right?


Good to know all the information now. It looks like it is not that difficult to unlock.

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Mid-expansion requiring you to play content at the beginning of the same expansion is “old content?”

Damn… attention spans of WoW players are getting shorter by the day.


Thanks for taking the time to clarify the requirements. I have to agree with the DK about all the faction bias crying. All the crying in general really. Its probably 4 dungeons you have already ran anyway. Too much complaining and it gets old. Who wouldnt have wanted the races unlocked at launch? That isnt how it worked out and based on Bornakks post, it was made clear that there were technical issues that Blizzard doesnt need to go into that made it too difficult to implement, so they held off and are trying to make sure when they are available that it is done right. If they just threw the races out there and it was super buggy instead of “release at launch complaints”, the threads would be all about the bugs…

To Bornakk, there was some complaints about Kul Tirans not having many customization options. Are you able to confirm that progress is being made to have more options when KT becomes available, or that the options are already ready to go? I saw PTR related concerns related to this which is why I ask. I havent checked out the PTR myself.

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The Alliance already has more Paladin races than the Horde (Human/Dwarf/DIDwarf/Drennai/LFDrennai vs BE/Tauren), They don’t need another.

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Honestly, I’d much rather they increase the max characters per ACCOUNT than per realm. I’d be fine with running out of space on a realm, but not with running out of space on the account (because then I could just make a character on a different realm). Increasing the limit to 100 would be good (and they could keep it at that for many expansions).


They’re looking into letting you put all 50 on the same realm.


This is where I have been worried. My monk is 120 on alliance. The only thing I have finished it it is the Tides of Vengeance campaign, but he has satisfied all other KT unlock requirements. However, I have since stopped playing alliance full time. I want to move him to horde… but if I end up going back to alliance at some point, I don’t want to have to re-grind the quests/achievements/reputation again.

I have other 120s on alliance too, so if I faction swapped my monk (after doing the tides of vengeance campaign) who has satisfied the unlock requirements, can my other 120 alliance toons do the unlock quest? Or is it character specific? I haven’t played my monk (who was my main) full time in weeks because I’m scared to transfer it before KT are released…

You only needed to get 7th Legion/Honorbound to exalted. If you completely Ready for War on on faction then the credit carried over to the other faction.

I had a friend who xferred a toon that was exalted with Honorbound on that toon and had Ready for War done on their Horde main and they were able to start the Dark Iron questline right away.

Likewise I only needed to get 7th Legion to exalted to do the Dark Iron questline since I did Ready For War on my horde toon.

It should honestly work like this. Get the meta questline achieve on one faction and then all you need to do is get exalted with the related faction to unlock them on the other side. Forcing players to do the entire questlines all over again is just excessive.