Kua'Fon Quest Room to Grow is gone

I was doing the Room to Grow questline for Kua’Fon yesterday, when the quest bugged out (helping him get over his fear of flying by taking the kite through the circles). I had completed it, and went to turn it in, but Kua’fon and the Troll guy were gone, only the yellow question mark was there. I never could get it to work, and gave up. This morning however, its all gone. No Kua’Fon, no Troll guy, no new quest. Please help! I am so close to getting my little flying Pterror.

Do you have other quests in your questlog?

According a wowhead comment if you finish “Orders from Azshara” and the followup of this quest you should be able to see the “Room to Grow” quest again.

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Oh, I actually have to do the plot quests then? I haven’t done that on this character I don’t think. I finished all of BFA on other toons, both Horde and Alliance, but when I was just skinning for materials, the egg dropped on this one. Well, time to do this one time I guess. Thank you so much, Forumcat. I hope this is the problem, since last night the quest wouldn’t let me turn it in and I feared it was a bug. Thank you!