Kpop Megathread ft. Le Sserafim Blizzcon

I’m just glad it isn’t metal. I liked their performance.


I am a frequent forum visitor and considering the reactions I see here. People are absolutely clueless as to what’s popular right now. It’s a company, why would they not follow the trend? WoW players are something else.


I do not like League at all So many boomer WoW players, even though I am not part of your generation its disappointing to see a lot of older players dismiss Blizzard for trying to appeal to the global market. Wake up people! there is more languages than English, foreign music is incredibly popular now.


I feel like Overwatch’s team understand what king of esthetic people like. Many people are fan of anime type girls/kawaii stuff like that. Just look at Riot games and Fortnite. It’s always cool looking attractive skins/characters.

Meanwhile the WoW team : here’s another dwarf.

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I am not a big fan of that allied dwarf race, there are soo many more cooler ideas than that. Just my opinion though.


This Gen X likes BTS, Tomorrow X Together, among others. KPop has come a long way since when I first heard it some time ago. :wink: But I love music, so feel good music is good music, and can go beyond generations.

I’m glad you all enjoyed their performance and video (assuming you did. :wink: )


Oh my gosh, if BTS would have been there lol!

Line for miles.


G-IDLE is my fave, have them come next blizzcon


They’re with KDA though. :sob:

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aw shucks seriously. nooo

I didn’t watch the latter stuff but can you send thanks to the team for all they do. It all was nice to watch… developers so enthusiastic about what they worked on and that I appreciate the work they put in. It was refreshing after the few hectic years.

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Yeah their leader is Akali and another member is Ahri.

But I like how blizzard framed this. Their characters aren’t kpop idols. Just fans. Which makes it so much easier to collab.

But ARMY would be very polite about waiting. :wink:


I absolutely loved it :heart_eyes_cat:
I 100% agree with you, music is universal.
Would love to see more artists for future Blizzcons. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Any recommendations?

I actually loved the song was chill and great. I also really enjoy New Jeans! :cloud_with_rain: :blush:

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Not my thing, but everyone has different tastes. For me I’ve been stuck in the 80’s for god knows how long, along with 80’s style synthwave.

Hello Neth, what happened to your candle? (or is this a different Neth? lol)

Now can we please get a Netflix show next blizzcon.

Arcane and Cyberpunk were great!


Only good K-poop is PSY, sorry.