Kpop Megathread ft. Le Sserafim Blizzcon

For many of us, we see Blizzard’s appeal to a larger audience as a betrayal of sorts to those of us that have been here a while. We like WoW. We especially like what WoW used to be. I’d bet that most people who have been around for a long time will tell you that the game was a lot better before blizzard began designing WoW for people who don’t like WoW.

Sure, there’s always an element that hates change just because they hate change; but I noticed a long time ago that this game was becoming more and more unrecognizable as more systems were added to cater to people who wouldn’t be here without those systems.


Kpop absolutely sucks.


BTS isn’t going to be doing anything for a while. Last I heard, they are doing their mandatory military service. That usually lasts for a couple years I believe.


Oh yeah I was just thinking if they did.

You wouldn’t have been able to get tickets. Their fans are so dedicated. It’d be all ARMY.

Honestly that’d be hilarious to watch. Just scores of BTS shirts and like some blizzard stuff. :laughing:

Yeah, at least they would have sold all of the Blizzcon tickets.

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With all the Kobold action in War Within, sounds like we will be avenging our forum candle!


Sadly, our icons never returned after the forum upgrade. Same Neth… It’s been nearly 17 1/2 years at Blizzard. Still here somehow. Shhh… don’t tell them. :wink:

You no take candle!

Some are, yes. Not all. It reminds me of when MarineKing, if I recall correctly, (OG StarCraft Pro) had to go in.


Glad you’re still around!


league was already the biggest game in the world when some marketing team came up with k/da.

You are not wrong… though in my case that’s because I like specific concepts of music and sound… it’s rare for me to find something appealing outside of the metal family of music.

That said, you can enjoy what you enjoy. All I ask is you not force it upon me just as I don’t force mine upon you.

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Even as a 45 year old metalhead I have to agree with this. They are good performers, fun and most importantly, insanely popular. Nice move indeed. Imagine if they can hire Blackpink for next reveal, well, I can’t :stuck_out_tongue:

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Heavily industrialized and mass market music is usually the strategy for corporations, yeah.

It was great !

Yeah, pretty shocked more companies aren’t jumping on collabs with Straykids especially since some of them are huge gamers themselves. They also just won and performed at the VMA’s and closed out kcon LA 2023. They hit basically the most popular genres of music gamers listen to as well.

I absolutely loved it! I hope there will be more K-pop collaborations in the future. I’d love to see BTS (when they finish their military service of course) or Stray Kids perform at Blizzcon 2024.

Gen X is probably the bigger group that’s the laying wow that’s folks born 1965 to 1980…it’s my generation.

Boomers is way older that gen starts in the 1940s you guys really think a lot of 70 plus year olds play wow? (I know some do but I don’t think a ton).

My folks are boomers well my dad might be the gen before but they don’t give a rats behind about computers or video games.

Anyway just was wondering if folks actually know how the generations go.


I agree that Gen X and also early Millenials make up the majority of WoW’s player base. I don’t think I’ve ever met any 60+ year-olds in WoW. I don’t know which gen I’m part of… I’ve had some tell me I’m a late millenial, others say I’m an early zoomer (I’m 24, turning 25 next month) but definitely on the younger/minority side of the player base.

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You definitely fall under Gen Z. Gen Z is categorized as 1996-2012 on both wikipedia and reddit. The youngest millennial is 26-27 right now.

Fitting to the uwu trend. So good stuff

What? Riot Games was already extremely popular and League one of the most successful online games ever before they did their promos with KDA.

Riot formed their own group. Members of G-Idle were just part of it. And Riot produced this group and the songs for the game, so the songs were actual bangers and great advertisement for the game. While Blizzard just took a premade song from an already existing band and slapped the OW name behind the title. That’s as much promotion and advertising like printing Arthas on a box of cereals.
Blizz completely missed the mark with this and they didn’t get what it was that made K/DA popular.

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we will never forget!!