Kpop Megathread ft. Le Sserafim Blizzcon

G-IDLE is my fave, have them come next blizzcon


They’re with KDA though. :sob:

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aw shucks seriously. nooo

I didn’t watch the latter stuff but can you send thanks to the team for all they do. It all was nice to watch… developers so enthusiastic about what they worked on and that I appreciate the work they put in. It was refreshing after the few hectic years.

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Yeah their leader is Akali and another member is Ahri.

But I like how blizzard framed this. Their characters aren’t kpop idols. Just fans. Which makes it so much easier to collab.

But ARMY would be very polite about waiting. :wink:


I absolutely loved it :heart_eyes_cat:
I 100% agree with you, music is universal.
Would love to see more artists for future Blizzcons. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Any recommendations?

I actually loved the song was chill and great. I also really enjoy New Jeans! :cloud_with_rain: :blush:

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Not my thing, but everyone has different tastes. For me I’ve been stuck in the 80’s for god knows how long, along with 80’s style synthwave.

Hello Neth, what happened to your candle? (or is this a different Neth? lol)

Now can we please get a Netflix show next blizzcon.

Arcane and Cyberpunk were great!


Only good K-poop is PSY, sorry.

For many of us, we see Blizzard’s appeal to a larger audience as a betrayal of sorts to those of us that have been here a while. We like WoW. We especially like what WoW used to be. I’d bet that most people who have been around for a long time will tell you that the game was a lot better before blizzard began designing WoW for people who don’t like WoW.

Sure, there’s always an element that hates change just because they hate change; but I noticed a long time ago that this game was becoming more and more unrecognizable as more systems were added to cater to people who wouldn’t be here without those systems.


Kpop absolutely sucks.


BTS isn’t going to be doing anything for a while. Last I heard, they are doing their mandatory military service. That usually lasts for a couple years I believe.


Oh yeah I was just thinking if they did.

You wouldn’t have been able to get tickets. Their fans are so dedicated. It’d be all ARMY.

Honestly that’d be hilarious to watch. Just scores of BTS shirts and like some blizzard stuff. :laughing:

Yeah, at least they would have sold all of the Blizzcon tickets.

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With all the Kobold action in War Within, sounds like we will be avenging our forum candle!


Sadly, our icons never returned after the forum upgrade. Same Neth… It’s been nearly 17 1/2 years at Blizzard. Still here somehow. Shhh… don’t tell them. :wink:

You no take candle!

Some are, yes. Not all. It reminds me of when MarineKing, if I recall correctly, (OG StarCraft Pro) had to go in.


Glad you’re still around!