Korrak's Revenge

Why are people so against SL leveling? Threads of Fate is literally bonus objectives and world quest to hit 60. Takes less than a day to go from 50 to 60, and you get to fly.

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I don’t like SL.


Don’t you need to have done loads of ‘renown’ stuff to be able to fly in shadowlands? I can’t fly at least and SL is very very boring to level in.

Because SL sucks and we all know Chromie Time is coming as well as massive nerfs to the XP curve - both of which should have been included in the first phase of the pre-patch.


You could always just keep crying about having to wait a week to level in a video game I guess.

Insane that anyone is being called “tone deaf” for not caring if Blizzard caters to a whiny baby with no patience or ability to just do some shadowlands quests with that lack of patience.

Or just wait the two days (at that point) for Korrak’s to open. Clearly you’re not logged into WoW 24/7 if you’re refusing to touch shadowlands-- it’s not hard to just do other things for a few days.

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An update:

Today, we determined that the solution for Korrak’s Revenge is going to require both a client fix and a server fix. We’ve got the server side worked out, but the overall restoration of Korrak’s Revenge will require a small client patch. Our plan is to get that out later this week.

We apologize for the delay.


Chromie giving me a quest that I can’t do until tomorrow is pretty on-brand, actually.


Please extend the event for at least a week longer than planned? :smile:


Why not do it on Tuesday, the usual patch day? I’m still convinced the bug has to do with gaining more XP than intended so that’s why its disabled.


Nah because then that means the anniversary would be extended and can’t have 60-70 being affected by the 18% XP boost :stuck_out_tongue:

not even a joke.

Classic won’t even give us this. it ruin the wrath experience. hell we don’t even get KAV. Not gonna lie…classic av bears xp so I’d (ab)use it. 4 hour turtle? oh hell yes…that was fine xp in 15th edition. Mighty fine xp.

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Well, i just meant the BG part but… i see what you mean. :-[

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Plz just make this default AV. We dont need 2 versions. This is the best one that most people like.


Uh oh! Was it accidently fun?


Use Homers drinking bird


You don’t need to rise the pets in SL to gain exp.I do that in legion ,their about the same.

Put this event on the brawl rotation. Remove the comp stomp brawl.
Or put this event on the random epic bg options.

Omg a blue post about it? What is this FFXIV? Haha 10/10 blizz <3

Does this mean we aren’t going to be able to get high item level stuff from the AV quartermaster until the thing is fixed? I have hundreds of Marks of Honor and many alts that could use the gear. Also hope this doesn’t mean we’re getting significantly less time to do classic AV

Would really like additional time to get this event done since there are delays.