Korrak's Revenge

Trying to find where to queue for this with my friend, went to hillsbrad and found the time-displaced vendor but inside the cave is just the regular AV queue.

EDIT: Blizz disabled for now until “hopefully” 11/8/22 maintenance.
UPDATE: Should be good now


You have to open your PVP queue tab and look for it there. But also, be aware there is a bug where it may not show. I had to log in and out on a few toons to get it to pop on the ones I wanted.


Yeah I just looked under specific Battlegrounds it’s not in there, and the Bonus Battlegrounds doesn’t have it either so there’s no options to queue for it with my friend.

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We found an unfortunate bug with Korrak’s Revenge and had to quickly turn it off.

We expect to fix the bug and re-open Korrak’s Revenge with scheduled weekly maintenance on Tuesday.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Thanks for actually letting us know. This is helpful.


Thanks for the quickly released info.

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Appreciate it, but your gonna need to add two days of extra korrack for us to balance out the event losing those days we could be playing it.


It’s bugged what ever you did. Sometimes my interface shows me kerrak revenges. and Now even if I win the solo shuffle thats there instead i dont even get the right rewards.

So much for hoping to level a few alts during sunday…


We still have up to 78% exp gains, 88% if you use BFA Draught for lower levels. That’s already quite a lot


I refuse to touch Shadowlands for leveling purposes. Sick of it.


Im pet-battling outside my garrison (Icespine Hatchlings) 6500 xp per 60 sec match


you can’t benefit from that stuff while you AFK though…


If you AFK in a bg, you get kicked lol.

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because it’s sooo hard to hit the space bar once every couple of minutes… right?

You can also get reported. And you really think people only AFK in Korrak’s? Also if i could JUST quest or do activities for levels ANYWHERE but the shadowlands, i’d be more than happy instead of being forced to wait for november 15 for no good reason. What a completely nonsensical and tone-deaf post.

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Then don’t?
Get your alts to 50. I imagine it’ll be Tuesday and the event will be up by the time you get them all there.

Besides, doesn’t the Chromie Time update come on the 15th with the next phase of the pre-patch?

EDIT: We practically posted at the same time. I get it. You don’t want to do SL, and you don’t want to wait for the 15th.
My point stands however. Get the alts to 50, and then they should be good to go for when Korrak is up and running on Tuesday.

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You mean you are telling me to not do anything till 15th? Nice. Also, i could solo older content for mounts if i actually had more level 60s, hence why i decided to level more. Or even join BFA mog raids on level 60s. Seems like you are completely missing the entire point.

Already got all of them to 50. I can share a screenshot if you don’t believe me.

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imagine if they tested things :smiley_cat: