Kor'kron War Wolf and the Garrosh Heirlooms

Huh no you didn’t. I got the wolf but I did not get an heirloom.

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Aren’t all AOTC mounts removed?

I got the heirlooms and not the wolf. I have no idea how.

Weird. Should have at least that one guaranteed one.

The Fyrakk appearance is still obtainable at the moment despite the AotC not being around, but its semi-current season

“Easier” is putting it lightly.

The wolf was a guarantee, while the heirlooms were not.

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Maybe the raid had a guaranteed drop for heirlooms but no people were not guaranteed an heirloom because it wasn’t tied to an achievement like the wolf is.

Because they’re not the same thing.

Which goes to my point that one has nothing to do with the other.

No I’m pretty sure that’s gone. The orange-fire appearance is still dropped but not the one with purple colors.

You could have made your own groups. SoO was the last raid tier I participated in and it was a good time, but you really could have made your own groups. The tier lasted half of forever.

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Have they ever taken legendary items out of the game?

Atiesh or however it’s spelled is gone.

They’re talking about the proto drake customization.

And yes, they have removed legendaries.

i dont think that was really that big of a deal. OQ had a ton of groups for those without aotc. thats how i got my aotc, but i was a warlock so maybe i had it easy cause they needed warlocks for the iron starlet murder crew.

There is also that one necklace in Classic that one guy got and they then took the files out, but I don’t think this is standard practice to remove legendary items.

Oh okay, that makes more sense.

Well, they also removed the cloak and ring.

It’s happened but you’re right that they kept more than they removed.

Which is now gone, like all AOTC rewards:

Yeah, I haven’t raided since SoO so I don’t keep up on these things lol. So glad raiding isn’t the only game in town anymore.


That’s how people have always been able to get the AOTC mounts though. Those mounts don’t go away until the end of the expansion.

Although I recall Shadowflame Fyrakk actually being an exception (unfortunately) and already being gone?
EDIT: Good news! It’s still obtainable. I’m glad they listened to feedback on that, considering that literally every AOTC mount has been available to get until the very end of the expansion.

There isn’t a detriment to bringing it back either.

Why doesn’t anyone ever advocate for keeping rewards evergreen? Bring the wolf mount back, but make it still hard to obtain. Like, require players to enter the raid at a specific level + gear level and kill Garrosh, akin to what people do for Herald of the Titans.

I think prestige matters a lot more when it’s something that a new player can aspire to accomplish, regardless of how difficult it is, rather than telling them for the 50th time that “Oh, you can get this mount anymore” and them being disappointed.

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