Known issues…

This is not a perfect launch that’s for sure.

all it has to do for pvp’ers if not mess up week 1. Like classic did.

By the power of 2 launch glitches never rolled back…no lifer 80’s in Wrath got to be full BIS wrath arena geared…before the season even started.

IOn has 1 job pvp side…not make this mistake. and pvp will be happy at least lol.

Every time I join a party and is phases me, my game stops responding and I cannot load back into the character until I have been removed from the party…

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changing titles seems to be removed from the character menu and i haven’t seen it anywhere else.


Shadowlands crafted items (at least armor - all 4 types and jewelry), crafted since the patch, show the default, unmodified, item level when in a Guild bank. The correct modified item level is displayed when moved to bags or personal bank. Placing the items back in the guild bank will still display the unmodified Ilvl. I’ve only crafted Ilvl 87 and 233 items. I can’t speak for other Ilvls.

Just absolutely false, but its okay you can keep spreading those lies. In what universe is Savage gear “complete bis”. Completely bis requires rating, and arena points. Both you cannot get without yanno… DOING ARENA.

Some people got a helmet or a trinket a little quick. So what? The rest of us caught up in about a week.

Ive been capped at 75k honor for 3 weeks now with absolutely nothing to spend it on.

As always was a massive overreaction by the community… shocking i know.

You can count the number of smooth launches of any AAA game in the past 15 years on 1 hand. Shouldn’t be a shock. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I remember vanilla. Weeklong maintenance lol.

Continuing the discussion from Known issues…:

Shattering Throw does not break Divine Shield or Blessing of Protection either, even if you run “Demolition” PvP talent… the throw casts successfully but the Paladin is still immune

Also, when I use “Recklessness” with the talent “Reckless Abandon” that ‘empowers’ my “Raging Blow” turning it into “Crushing Blow” the ability/spell clearly says on the tooltip “CHARGES the enemy” and that does not happen, while Raging Blow is empowered and turned into Crushing Blow, it’s not charging my target AT ALL. Guys… you just destroyed the talents that were working fine ¬_¬ now Rampage has a 20% chance to proc Recklessness in a reduced effectiveness, that proc of Reckless is empowering my Raging Blow, making it Crushing Blow, but it’s not working either with the charge. This is a one minute and a half CD but due to this problem, the burst is not a burst anymore because after waiting the whole cooldown duration the spell doesn’t work propperly :confused:

Is it a known issue that Prospecting for Jewelcrafting doesn’t work (at least I can’t figure it out for the Northrend Daily). Any ideas?