Knights of the Old Republic was Awesome!

Today I finally beat Knights of the Old Republic 1. After about few attempts into getting the game to work since it continued to crash when you create a new character atleast on steam that is. I looked over the guide within the Discussions about the game and I finally not only got it working atleast in window mode but I also finally got a chance to play it.

That was freaking Awesome Experience. The Story was Epic Driven atleast in terms of the Characters, Worlds, Choices you have to made, and etc. The Gameplay while bit challenging atleast in terms of the tough foes and puzzles was overall fun.

I say I recommend it. Through you may have to wait until it goes into a Steam Sale and go into the discussion forums of a guide of how to fix the game to get it running normally again. So overall awesome experience I enjoyed in my life.


Because it’s a relic from an era when making fun games was more important than making profitable games.

Yay capitalism.


Bastilla still my bae


KOTOR is my favorite game of all time. Did you go Dark or Light side?

I highly recommend KOTOR 2 as well. Its not quite as good in my opinion but its still a solid gold game. It takes place 5 years after the events of KOTOR 1 and there are a bunch of new and recurring characters.

Its not quite as polished because it was rushed out the door in time for a Christmas release back in the day, but the Steam version has all the restored cut content and a bunch of mods to smooth out the gameplay.

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Light side only but I did get the Robes from the Star Forge and it was awesome.

Quick note: you can play KOTR on mobile platforms now. Works and plays just like the original.

Judging from Deleted Audio from Atris and Kreia it seems heavily indicated that Kreia and Atris were intended to be one and the same.

The Cut Audio has Kreia tell Atris that she has always been here(which isn’t in the released version of the game) on top of mentioning that she was the one who asked the Exile be exiled(also not in the released version of the game) and has Kreia and Atris use the exact same Cut Dialogue.

Atris being intended to be Kreia would naturally call into question everything we know of the Atris and Darth Traya fights since the first Atris Fight would just be an Echo of Malachor(Kreia specifically notes that Malachor casts it’s echoes still) and the Darth Traya fought on Malachor would be the Kreia Echo who Force Drains the Jedi Masters on Dantooine.

The only real confrontation against Darth Traya would be the fight against Atris in the Sith Holocron Chamber on Telos (note how Atris is far less hostile than in the immediately preceding fight where she acts like her usual Self Righteous self).

I couldn’t play it. My impression was it was one of those games that was S tank top notch absolutely incredible during its time, but my god it does not hold up well. the graphics are unfortunate and for some reason I just can’t get deeply invested in RPGs anymore like a game like this requires unless it’s pretty and shiny…I’ve played too many RPGs and they just all feel so samey to me now

My god I’ve become one of those graphics > all dweebs

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Well if you think of it as a 3rd edition D&D game with visuals, the graphics are less distracting

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Yeah, the combat is pretty dated and everyone’s face is pretty much frozen in place. I feel the same way about Morrowind, everyone says its a great game but every time I try to play it I just get turned off by failing every spellcast and missing 3/4 attacks against a level 2 Rat.

Still a great game, just not for everyone.