<Knights of Amin> 7/10Heroic Recruiting for Raids and More

Knights of Amin is a guild that was formed on April 16, 2011.

We expect you to play at the best of your ability, be a contributing helpful member of the Guild Community, be able to take constructive criticism, listen and above all, HAVE FUN WITH US.

We plan on having multiple teams and a wide array of players to complete and compete in all aspects of the game. We are full of players that love doing keys and are dedicated to helping each other get better.

We are currently heavily recruiting for our first AotC/mythic Raid Team while also recruiting those that don’t want to progression raid for our heroic runs, keys, guild events and etc.

The Progression Raid Team is currently 7/10H and running Friday/Saturday 8pm to 11pm (CST/Server time).

We have open slots for 6 dps, 1 healer, and 1 healer/dps combo.

Also recruiting non-raiders for Keys and other Guild Activities.

**Reach out to **
Jay-Recruiting and Raid Lead at
Jussgetit#1891 on Btag
Justgetit#6408 on Discord for further inquiries.

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