Knee Jerk Tuning

The Paladin meat riding hate in here is crazy, no one said the decree nerf wasn’t warranted. Everything else was over the top with barely any compensation. And if you bring up the TV, FV and consecration buffs you’re letting actual ret pvp players know yu don’t play ret. No one runs those justices vengeance is still better and consecration will still hit for sht an people will still walk out of it.


Players dont need to be given something positive when given a nerf lol


They do when that nerf was the only thing they had going for them, move along you don’t pvp and have a hidden profile so ur mute.


Yeah the 110k double judgements 100k JVs and 270k wake of ashes crits(all not touched in the patch notes) just never existed I guess


That’s apart of their burst is not?, it got nerfed did it not??. Who cares if JV is doing 100k, it only does that during wings when you got multiple other dps specs pulling that off with multiple buttons.

They nerfed final reckoning and radiant decree

Wake of ashes
And Justiciar vengeance we’re untouched other than the slight nerf to tier set

They were nerfed actually u can go Re read the notes. Other then JV which only hurts during wings.


Yeah in their cds too

Mobility trash, healing trash, shield of vengeance trash effected by damp, DP should be baseline. Nerfed the burst gave some sustain which is cool an all, but that doesn’t matter when you can still get turned to dust as soon as ur 1 defensive is on cd. Which can be removed


Judgement and wake of ashes were not nerfed as abilities only the tier set was nerfed by 5%.

Ret pallies will still be 100-0ing in a hoj with all their cds up and 100-35ing without it don’t worry.

Hopefully u right but I’m not looking for one shots I just want to be able to survive , do some dmg and be able to actually move. Divine steed needs to be like deaths advance.


Fotm rerolls posting from a classic or level 10 alt really are something.


Wake doesn’t have as many modifiers as decree and is on a 45s CD. Outside of AoW procs, you might see 1 or 2 in the CD window. Decree will still probably be the pick. if TV becomes more potent, you might not see any JV play if people want more raw damage outside of stuns. And they’d lose that heal.

I’m hoping paladins find their place soon, but noboby picked them in AWC despite being so potent in low mmr lobbies. The truth is, ret just brings nothing to the table when the players at high MMR are concerned.


I wouldn’t call ret pass “knee jerk”

I’d call it “holy **** you just shot that kid in the face”


Tell this to ret warrior on tuesday.

The whole “ret is bad @ high mmr” narrative is hilarious.

Ret Warrior was an S tier comp all of shadowlands and is a warrior buff away from being S tier now.

Sanc is single handedly one of the best utility abilities in the game, judge of the pure hard counters hunters, BoP and sac are quality utility as well, unbound freedom when you have kill potential is unparalleled in it’s melee kill window utility

You don’t see a lot of them now because they get eaten alive by DH DK and DK is a bit of a counter to their damage.

Watched Cdew Q in to a cupid last night and I mean they were quite literally perma dead the entire game. Constant setups with insane kill potency.

But come tuesday it’ll be shadowlands season 2 again.

If I hear “Wheelchair class” one more time from a drooling ret that wasted freedom / horse when they have no damage and now they’re stuck crawling when they do imma cry


Fox on fox violence

Your survivability was never bad you can constantly remove your healer from cc with sanc and bop or even judgement dispel and have multiple lines of defense before you die

Unbound freedom is one of the best mobility spells in the game maybe if you have it on cooldown and have a hard time connecting just LOS and let the enemy come to you

Pretty sure foxylamma’s team made top 8 with ret warr evoker.

But when every team is playing spriest rogue or ww arcane there isn’t an incentive to play with a ret paladin.

Clearly you haven’t played ret before.

It’s pretty trash against anyone that is even slightly paying attention.

That said the buff to consecration is hilarious. I literally never press it, it does 0 dmg and everyone runs out of it.

Even if it ticked for 10k it would be trash because people run out.

It hits for like 500? Maybe 1k? LOLOL most class dots hit for 5x that and the person can’t just move 5 yards to dispel it


Ret paladin only has damage, it may have been good low rating, but at r1 level its pretty pitiful aswell. I’m checking vanguards struggle into most teams that’s not melee cleave and whenever there’s a spriest its auto loss

It really need to do an overhaul and remove burst window in trade for more tools, better defensives and mobility.

Also why assa and spriest are the winners of AWC and not getting any nerfs


I’m sorry to break it to you but 110k followed by a 217k crit does not belong in the game, period. The changes are all net positives for the game as a whole.

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Ret was S tier all of shadowlands.

Ret is a warrior buff away from being S tier now.

You’re bad at the game and that’s why you think ret is bad.

You think ret is a wheelchair class because you don’t think before you press unbound freedom / horse, sending it when you have no damage and then cry when you’re crawling around with kill potential and no freedom.

Ret has some of the most valuable utility in the game that I constantly see ret paladins not even play / not know how to use. Sanc is the most valuable utility spell in the game after maybe MD, unbound is the most utilitirian melee kill utiltiy ability in the game, BoP, sac, well timed WoGs are insane, judgement of the pure is like a hard counter to destro, ele, mage, hunter.

You don’t know how to play your own spec man i’m sorry.

You can 100% make the argument that ret is unfun / frustrating to play

You CANNOT make the argument that ret is bad.