Kings of the Hollow 3v3 Tournament Monday


Introducing week #13 of Resurgent eSports Broadcasting weekly 3v3 tournament: The Kings of the Hollow

When it happens:

Every single Monday night @ 7pm EST.

To help us make this flow as best as possible if you know you’d like to be there, please be a few minutes early and drop a message to an admin in our discord or leave a message in the Arena forum on our Discord.

How it works:
Any player, with or without a team (yes that means you can come by yourself and still play), can be a part of this community event!

We stream it live and commentate the games, and usually hand out 50k+ in gold to the winners.

Visit our website for more fun PvP events and broadcasts!

resurgentesb dot com

Our discord link is:

Twitter @resurgentesb
Instagram @resurgentesb

(Zertux) #2

New bracket system coming soon, doing away with the current bracket system :smiley: !


Hope to see some new faces this week!

(Efx) #4

How many people typically do this, and how long does the tournament end up lasting for?

(Twurt) #5

Last week I join the tournament for the first time and there was roughly about 7 teams. My team ended up forfeiting though because we were 2hr in and we were only in the third round. So if you go in, you should expect at least 3-5 hrs or possibly more.

For real though, you should really try it because It’s a fun experience overall untill you meet stungodx team where they trihard with their disgusting rmp team. :joy: :rofl: :rofl:


Typically we get more than 6 teams. We do our best to start at 7pm EST and usually end the event at around or just after 11pm EST. :slight_smile:

(Zertux) #7

i dont think anyones gonna beat the godx team.

(Danathor) #8

Yeah, dont think its fair to play against 2700+ rated teams. You should break them up too and give them random partners. =)


We are currently working with other communities and within the coming weeks will have a lower xp / anyone encouraged to come play 3v3 tournament on a different day, but still weekly. Coming soon <3 For now though, anyone can come, and is encouraged to come out and play in the Monday night edition of Kings of the Hollow!


Be sure to also follow us on twitter and Instagram!!! @resurgentesb on both platforms. Awesome highlights from these tournaments will be posted!


20 minutes until it starts!


Back for week 11 on the 26th!

(Zertux) #13

Next event in 2 days! Get your team ready and come with your game faces!


There are two loves in my life currently. Pop Tarts and Resurgent ESB… Yet deciding which I love more is hard… Cause I mean come on Pop Tarts are life.


Good luck, guys.

This game is pretty much dead and it really seems like achieving world peace would be easier than running a PVP tournament in this crap game.


The PvP community is hurting yes, however events like this bring the community together and provide a platform for players to have fun and compete. Also, we’re in week 11 now so heck maybe world peace is our next goal!! :wink:


Past tournaments appeared to have gone well. Well you know what that means guys! Next on the agenda, World Peace!


“Dead game” - and yet the AWC has grown every year.

Come and get some people!

(Frostyhotz) #19

Must not have been around. There was a larger viewership for the arena tournament as far back as 2014 vs 2018 look it up. Very very close but since then it dropped and finally came back up this year after the train wreck for PvP that was legion.


The AWC was absolutely amazing this year! Tune in tonight for a massive offseason announcement! :slight_smile: