<Kindred Spirits> is in need of raiders! 3/12M 12/12H

is recruiting a healer and a couple ranged DPS for Mythic progression Nyalotha. We are 3/12M (working on shadaar) and 12/12H. Message me or mail me in game for more info: Dynessa - Aerie peak / Aurorex - Aerie Peak.

-Edit 1: removed tank
-Edit 2: changed to single healer and ranged dps

What is your raiding schedule?

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Tuesday + Thursday 4:45pm server time 7:45pm eastern time

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Two of my friends and I are looking into raiding Heroic and Mythic for current and SL.
Jedic (me) - 471 ilvl Assassination Rogue
Flanan - 468 ilvl Enhance Shaman
Touchofdeeps - 472 ilvl WW Monk

If you’re still looking for melee DPS, hit me up - Lazyeyez#11203

awesome! added!

Hello, I am trying to progress on mythic. I am 2/12 right now, and the group I am running with raids on Fridays which conflicts with my guild who is now starting heroic.

Your times on Tuesday/Thursday doesn’t conflict with my guild so I’d love to run with you guys. Restro Druid here! Raiderazc@1121 is my battletag.